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Unasked Family [2022] (Korean Drama Review)

87 / 100

Unasked Family tells us the story of an unexpected mother named Kang Yeo-Won (played by Choi Yoon-So) and an orphan named Bong Chun-Dong (played by Sul Jung-Hwan).

In the beginning, Kang Yeo-Won used to dream of becoming a reporter Back when she was in college. All of her dreams have been torn apart when she got pregnant unexpectedly. Unfortunately, her husband got into an accident and so, Kang Yeo-Won was to take charge to take care of their children as well as manage her family business.

Unasked Family Cast

Meanwhile, there is Bong Chun-Dong who grew up in an orphanage together with his younger sister. Growing up, life wasn’t seem so good to Bong Chun-Dong.

He had a heart disease which he wasn’t able to get into an operation. Soon enough, he passed the bar exam and now he is ready to become the grown-up and responsible man he used to dream of.

Will the fate of these two collide? How will they be able to react and interact with each other? That is what viewers will have to find out.

The Cast

Unasked Family Cast

The unexpected mother turned breadwinner of the family’s role named Kang Yeo-Won is played by South Korean actress Choi Yoon-So. Choi Yoon So isn’t new in South Korean films and dramas.

She starred in several big screen roles such as Ordinary Person in 2017, Insane in 2016, Santa Barbara in 2014 and The Heaven is Only Open to the Single in 2012. One of Choi Yoon-So’s first big screen appearance was in 2003 when she starred in Silver Knife.

In drama series, Choi Yoon-So also played numerous characters such as the young Young-Sin in Mother (2018), Heo Jin-Hee in The Lady in Dignity (2017), Bong Hae-Won in Happy Home (2016), Ko Dong-Hee in Love Frequency 37.2 (2014), Jung Seung-Hee in The 3rd Hospital (2012), as Koo-Hyang in Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011), and as Kim Hee-Won in Secret Garden (2010).

The 35 year old South Korean actress also appeared in the drama special Ji-Hoon Born 1982 as Ahn Seo-Yeon. The said drama special aired in 2011.

The other character in Unasked Family is Bong Chun-Dong. The role of Bong Chun-Dong is played by the brilliant South Korean actor Sul Jung-Hwan. The 36-year old actor made his first ever screen debut appearance in the TV movie Puck! in 2016.

He also played several roles in drama series such as Park Soo-Chul in My Son-In-Law’s Woman (2016), Saimdang, Lights Diary in 2017, as Kang Woon-Kil in Teacher Oh Soon-Name (2017), as Lee Yoon-Suk in Welcome to Waikiki (2018) and in Different Dreams (2019) where he played the role of Maru.

Sun Woo Jae Duk is also part of Unasked Family. He played the role of Hwang Byung-Rae. The South Korean actor Sun Woo Jae Duk is known for several roles both in big screen and small screen.

These include Siren in 2000, Come Tomorrow in 2003, City of Damnation in 2009 and No Breathing in 2013.

Unasked Family - Korean Drama

The 57-year old South Korean actor also starred in Waves, Waves (2018), Temperature of Love (2017), Always Spring (2016), The Return of Hwang Geum-Bok (2015), Naeil’s Cantabile (2014), Wonderful Mama (2013), To The Beautiful You (2012), Heartstrings (2011), All About Marriage (2010) Can Anyone Love (2009), Aquarius (2008), Love and Ambition (2006), Recipe of Love (2005) and Saxophone in 2002 where he played the role of Lee Sun-Woo.

Other casts of Unasked Family include Jung Yoo Min as Bong Chun Dong, Shim Ji Ho as Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Kyu Chul as Yeo Won’s father, Kim Yi Kyung as Yeo Won’s younger sister, and Lee Ah Ra as Yeo Won’s daughter.

Also part of the drama special are Lee Yoo Jin as Chun Dong’s younger sister, Yang Hee Kyung as Yeo Won’s mother-in-law, Jung So Youn as Yeo won’s sister-in-law, Jo Hee Bong and Na In Woo as Yeo Won’s brother-in-laws, and Kim Ji Hoon as Ji Young and Sang Moon’s son.

Unasked Family is produced by KBS Drama Production. It is directed by the talented director Park Ki Hyun.

Its screenwriters are Chae Hye Young, Na Seung Hyun and Yoo Sang Young. Its release date is October 28, [2022] with runtime schedule Mondays through Fridays 20:30- 21:00.

Unasked Family Teaser

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