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My Punch Drunk Boxer [2022] Korean Movie Review

87 / 100

Are you the type who likes the action-comedy type of TV Movie? Then, My Punch Drunk Boxer will definitely top your bucket must-watch list. The movie tells the story of a promising professional boxer named Byeong-Goo (played by Um Yae-Goo) who made a mistake by ending his boxing career.

To make ends meet, he works as an assistant in a small-time gym run and owned by Mr. Park (played by Kim Hee-Won). One day, Byeong-Goo decided that he wants to make a comeback in the boxing ring.

Hyeri Cast My Punch Drunk Boxer [2022]

However, he is diagnosed with a very rare disease known as a punch-drunk syndrome or CTE. Because of this, the dream to make a comeback in the boxing ring seemed to be just a dream until one day, a certain girl comes sand joins the gym.

The girl is named Min-Ji (played by Hyeri). Min-Ji sees Byeong-Goo’s dedication and passion to continue his boxing career.

Through her support, Byeong-Goo finally decides to continue his career even with his extraordinary condition. This will eventually lead them to discover Byeong-Goo’s own and unique boxing style entitled Pansori Boxing. Will Byeong-Goo be able to make an epic comeback? That’s what viewers will have to find out.

The Cast of My Punch Drunk Boxer

The role of Byeong-Goo in My Punch Drunk Boxer is played by the famous actor Uhm Tae-goo. Uhm Tae Goo is known for his supporting role in several critically acclaimed movies such as Coin Locker in 2015 and The Age of Shadows in 2016. Some of Uhm Tae-goo’s notable drama roles include Love marriage in 2008, Inspiring Generation in 2014, Maids in 2014 as well as Save Me 2 this year.

Uhm Tae Goo also starred in numerous movies. Some of them include I am Happy in 2009, SpellBound in 2011, Commitment in 2013, Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned in 2016, A Taxi Driver in 2017 and The Great Battle in 2018.

Uhm Tae Goo studied Film arts at Konkuk University. His older brother is the film director Um Tae-Hwa.

Uhm Tae Goo Cast My Punch Drunk Boxer [2022]

Uhm Tae Goo’s leading lady is played by the very beautiful and talented South Korean actress Hyeri. She plays the role of Min-Ji, a plucky young woman who will serve as a guide to Byeong-Goo in his comeback in the boxing ring. Her role instantly gives the main role of Byeong-Goo a glimpse of hope as he tries to enter the world of boxing again.

However, their journey towards success will not be as easy as it may sound. The two will discover each other’s weaknesses, sad moments and heartbreaking scenes that viewers will surely love.

South Korean star Hyeri is also a singer. She is the youngest and vocalist of the famous girl group named Girl’s Day which is under Dream Tea Entertainment.

Hyeri began her solo career in 2012. when she became part of the SBS weekend drama Father and Daughter.

Some of Hyeri’s most notable drama roles include Jang Mi-Hyun in Tasty Life 2012, Lee Ye Hee in Seonam Girls High School Investigator 2014, Jeong Geu in entertainer 2016, Song Ji An in Two Cops (2-17) and Miss Lee in the self titled drama this [2022].

Hyeri also appeared in several TV shows such as Amazing Saturday (2018), K-Rush in 2017, Life Bar in 2016, Weekly Idol in 2011 and in 2013 Idol star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special.

The important role of the Director park is played by the talented Kim Hee-won. He was born in 1971 and began his career when he was 31. Without experience in acting, Kim Hee-won took the chance and accepted in several acting drama series.

One of Kim Hee-won’s first-ever big-screen roles are the comedy film Miracle on 1st Street in 2007. Afterward, Kim Hee-won starred in numerous drama, films and TV series such as Running Turtle in 2009, Fortune salon in 2009, The X in 2013, Collective Invention in 2015 and The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful just this year.

My Punch Drunk Boxer is directed by the talented and award-winning director Jung Hyuk-Ki. It is written by Jung Hyuk-Ki as well. The cast began filming in April 2018 and ended in June 2018.

My Punch Drunk Boxer is an entertaining drama film with a twist of sport and comedy. It will push its viewers to look not on the disadvantages of acquiring a certain body condition, but to realize how to see the good in everything despite the negativity you hear from everywhere.

It will teach you to have trust in yourself and using your peculiarity to your advantage.