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Miss Lee [2022] (Korean Drama Review)

90 / 100

Miss Lee is about the story of Lee Sun-Sim (played by Hyeri), who starts out at the very bottom of an organization in an electronics company she’s working then suddenly finds herself becoming the CEO. In the beginning, Lee Sun-Sim is a hardworking clerk who does small tasks, always stuck running all sorts of meaningless errands. This eventually led her to be tagged as “Miss Lee” by her co-workers.

Miss Lee Korean Drama

Cheongil Electronics is about to go bankrupt when Miss Lee suddenly becomes the CEO of the company. She now toils as she tries to save the company from an impending dom.

The Lead Role

Miss Lee has an optimistic personality. With her perseverance and dedication to her craft, Miss Lee is set to become an inspirational leader to her staff.

Yoo Jin-Wook (played by Kim Sang-Kyung) is the department head of Cheongil Electronics. He is a hard working guy and doesn’t earn true respect because he sees his employees as robots and not humans. He is unfriendly and brutally honest.

The two (Miss Lee and Yoo Jin-Wook) work together to help bring back what the company has lost. Little did Yoo Jin-Wook know that with each day of working with Miss Lee, her principles and leadership skills cause him to change. Not only has Miss Lee grown as a true leader, but Yoo Jin-Wook also develops a good working relationship with other employees.

The female lead role is played by the actress Hyeri who was last seen in the 2017 drama Two Cops. Hyeri debuted onscreen in 2012 when she appeared in six drama shows. She also starred in the hit family series Reply 1988 alongside Park Bo-Gum and Ryu Jun-yeol. Reply 1988 is one of the highest rated dramas of all time in tvN.

The Cast

Aside from the two lead roles, also has a stellar casts including Lee Hwa-ryong ,Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seo Won, Jung Hee Tae and Baek Ji Won. Lee Hwa-ryong portrays the role of Park Do Jun, the team leader of the company. His character will involve in the recovery of the Cheungil Electronics. Lee Hwa-ryong starred in the mega-series The Heirs in 2013.

Uhm Hyun Kyung also join the cast as Koo Ji Na. Her role is a manipulative yet beautiful and talented employee of the accounting department. She always try to get her co-workers follow her. She will then receive a demotion and transfer to another department. Uhm debuted her first onscreen in 2007 dramas such as Let’s Eat, Good Doctor, The Innocent Woman and Heaven’s Garden.

Miss Lee Review

In 2017, Uhm Hyun Kung starred as the lead role in the drama Single Wife. Also in 2017, she played the role of Na Yeon Hee in the drama Defendant. She also joined the cast of Hide and Seek the following year.

Cha Seo Won is also part of the cast. He plasy the role of Park Do Joon. Cha Seo Won recently starred in the drama series Rich Family’s Son in 2018, 20th Century Boy and Girl in and Sister in Law in 2017 and Miss Mama Mia in 2017. He also played as the man on a blind date in The Heirs in 2013. Cha Seo Won also starred in the Season 4 of the hit TV show Happy Together.

The said drama is written by Park Jung-hwa and directed by PD Han Dong-hwa. Park Jung-hwa’s recent written TV shows include Heaven’s Garden in 2011, Supermom in 2007 and Drama City Daddy Long Legs in 2005.

Han Dong-hwa directed the 2016 drama Squad 38. Some of PD Han Dong-hwa’s most notable drama series include Bad Guys: Vile City, Squad 38, and Miss Lee.

If you’re the type who likes comedies and underdog stories, then this is the one for you. It is a combination of light drama mixed with comedy and romance. Girls and boys of any age will surely love this cute drama series. Especially company employees will surely relate on most of the scenes as it will display an everyday life struggle of a typical employee.

The Said drama was first released on September 25, [2022] and has a total of 16 episodes. On its first airing scored an average nationwide rating of 2.6% and a peak of 3.2%.

Miss Lee Trailer

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