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V I P [2022] [Korean Drama Review]

76 / 100

The newest SBS drama V I P promises a melodramatic feel to viewers. The story tells of different people working in a department store’s exclusive V I P team as they overcome their past scars and face life head-on. The story also revolves around revealing each character’s dark secrets as they compete for being the most influential of them all.

The drama starred with some of the country’s most famous actors, including Jang Na Ra, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Chung Ah, Pyo Ye Jin, and Shin Jae Ha.
Na Jung Sun (played by Jang Nara) is one of the main characters in the story. She is married to their team leader, which is Park Sung Joon (played by Lee Sang Yoon). Na Jung Sun is a witty and bright woman yet she hides emotional pain she doesn’t talk about with others.

Park Sung Joon, on the other hand, is a talented yet prudent team leader on the department store’s exclusive team. He manages very important customers in their department store.
The specialized elite team of the department store caters to the whim and desires of the top 1% V I P clients.

The drama depicts the typical day to day life of a department store employee. To add a twist, VIP also shows how working women reach their career growth that even though they always get into trouble, they always work their way to get back up and move forward again.

The drama series also tells the story of how two married couples struggle to work on the same team. This eventually caused their relationship to fall apart. The story shows the negative effects of couples working in the same field but tries to overpower each other.

Jang Nara reportedly accepted the lead role during a February press interview. After her top-rating drama series The Last Empress, V I P is Jang Na Ra’s next big break.


Lee Sang Yoon’s Comeback On January 16, reports circulated that Lee Sang Yoon will take on the lead role in the series. This will be his first drama role in about one year after his successful drama entitled About Time. Lee San Yoon also appeared in a variety show Master in the House and is currently busy shooting for his upcoming movie Okay! Madam.
The Cast
Rounding up the main cast is Lee Chung Ah, Shin Jae Ha, Pyo Ye Jin and Lee Jae Won. Lee Chung Ah and Kwak Sun Young takes on the supporting roles in the upcoming drama series. The two recently starred in Beautiful World and Encounter, respectively. Meanwhile, Pyo Ye Jin appeared in the hit drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Shin Jae Ha and Jung Joon Won starred in the drama series While You Were Sleeping and My Lawyer, Mr. Jo2, respectively. Also, join the cast is Lee Jae Won who plays the role of Lee Byung-Hoon.

The cast held their first script reading for their role on April 18, [2022]. They began filming on May 9, [2022].

During an interview, Lee Sang Yoon stated that he was curious about the following story when he first received the script. He mentioned that all characters have their own secrets and all of them have their own ways of keeping those secrets from each other. He also stated that it will be fun watching all the characters unfolding each other’s secrets.

The actor also expressed his admiration for Jang Na Ra. He even complimented the actress for her outstanding acting.

If you love melodramatic type of series, then this one will surely fit in the box. Other than its private office melodrama, the show has a darker tone and a few scandalous moments and hidden secrets of the clients. All characters are on board to make this show exciting and worth waiting for.
If you haven’t watched the trailer of this exciting drama series, then here is the link for you. Click and see why this drama is creating traffic all over different media platforms.

V I P Trailer

The upcoming SBS drama is directed by the talented Lee Jung-Rim. It is written by the award-winning writer, Shin Hye Won.

The drama series is expected to be released on October 28. It has a total of 32 episodes which will run every Monday & Tuesdays at 22:00-23:10.

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