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My Country: The New Age

86 / 100

My Country is a historical drama that captivates the heart and soul of both young and adult viewers.

The newest Korean drama My Country is set in the late Goryeo and early Joseon Dynasties. The story is about two former best friends face-off against one another because of a woman.

This will eventually set the future shape of the nation as these two former friends are driven not only by their love for one woman but also their desire for power and protection. These two brave men fight for their country and for the love of their love, in their own way.

Seo Hwi is the son of a famous commander named Seo Geom. And when it comes to injustice, Seo Hwi does not compromise. He devotes his whole life following all the rules of their ruler.

The Cast

My Country Review

Nam Sun Ho used to be Seo Hwi’s best friend. He is well-skilled in martial arts. His father is a nobleman, yet his mother is a slave. Ever since he was a child, Nam Sun Ho trained himself to be strong not just physically, but also emotionally so that he can get past the pain of being a concubine’s son.

Han HeeJae is an intelligent woman who will become the love interest of Nam Sun Ho and Seo Hwi.

The Stars

Seo Hwi is played by South Korean actor and model Yang Se-jong. The 26-year old actor started his acting career in the hit medical drama “Dr. Romantic.” In 2017, Yang starred in the romance drama “Temperature of Love” and won Best New Actor thrice at the SBS Drama Awards, 6th APAN Star Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards. His latest project is a romantic comedy drama Still 17.

Nam Sun Ho is played by the award winning actor Woo Do-Hwan. He recently starred in the drama series Save Me, Mad Dog and Tempted. Some of his recent movies include Master and Operation Chromite in 2016 and Divine Fury just this year.

Woo Do-Hwan was awarded as Best New Actor for Mad Dogs in 2017 and Excellent Actor for Tempted in 2018. The awards were given by KBS Drama Awards and MBC Drama Awards respectively.
The role of Han Hee-Jae is played by the actress Seol Hyun.

My Country Korean Drama

The 23-year old actress is a member of the famous K-Pop group AOA. She recently starred in the movies The Great Battle in 2018, The Memoir of a Murderer in 2017 and Gangnam Blues in 2015.

Some of the drama series she starred include Orange Marmalade in 2015 and Ugly Alert in 2013. Seol Hyun won an award for Popularity Award in 2015 by the KBS Drama Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards. In 2018, she won a Star Award at the Daejong Film Awards.

The drama My Country depicts how the hunger for power and ruling will defy everything, even friendship. In the beginning, the character Han Hee-Jae played by Seol Hyun will fall in love with the character played by Yang Se-jong.

However, in the middle of the story, Han Hee-Jae will then meet the character played by Woo Do-Hwan as Nam Sun Ho. As the story goes, viewers will guess whom Han Hee-Jae will pick between the two former best friends.

Viewers will definitely love how the actors played well on each character. The acting of Yang Se-jong is said to be one of his best acting performances. All kinds of emotion- sadness, anger, joy- is perfectly displayed and portrayed by the award winning actor. The fact that the actors look great for historical costumes will add excitement to the viewers.

Viewers will expect a full action battle even at the very beginning of the series. Lots of sword battles and crossbow arrows are expected, as this drama is set during the late Goryeo and early Joseon Dynasties.

The drama is directed by Kim Jin-Won. He is an award winning director whose recent projects includes Rain or Shine in [2022], The Package between 2017 and Wonderful Days in 2014.

Some of his well-known TV movies include Guardian Angel Kim Young-Goo in 2011 and Snail Study Dorms in 2010.

My Country is said to be one of the biggest and most expensive Korean drama. According to reports, The Said drama had a huge budget of over 20 billion KRW. That’s equivalent to around 17 million USD.

My Country: The New Age Trailer

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