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A Child Saw KBS Special Drama

84 / 100

Are you ready to get your eyes all wet? Then, you should watch the latest Korean drama A Child Saw. The series is about a young girl looking for her mother until she met a strange man living in the woods. In the series, viewers will experience a combination of laughter and tears as this drama aims to touch your heart and soul.

In this drama, the two main characters are Soon-Ho and Dong-Ja. Soon-Ho is a strange man who dreamed of something he cannot tell anyone. He then moves to an abandoned house in a small country village. Soon-Ho will then meet the 12-year old girl named Dong-Ja. Dong-Ja is looking for her mother. Their journey begins and so is friendship between the two.

In the end, will Dong-Ja be able to find her mother? What is it that Soon-Ho really dreamed of? That is what viewers will soon find out in this KBS drama special A Child Saw.

The Main Cast of A Child Saw KBS Special Drama

The role of Soon-Ho is played by the talented actor Tae Hang-Ho. The 36-year old actor is a household name in Korea. Some of his notable movies include Psychokinesis and Human, Space, Time and Human which both aired in 2018. Tae Hang-Ho also starred in numerous Korean drama series. Some of these drama series include Live Up to Your Name in 2017, Wok of Love, The Sound of Your Heart Reboot and High-End Crush in 2018. In 2014, Soon-Ho made his debut in the series Ohlala Couple where he played as the towel guy . The series was then followed by another drama entitled Reply 1994 in 2013 where he played as the senior in premed course.

The 12-year old girl named Dong-Ja in A Child Saw is played by the amazing young actress Kim Soo-In. The 10-year old young actress recently starred in My Only One, The Player and About Time which are both aired in 2018. In 2017, Kim Soo-In played as the young girl next door in Stranger, the thief’s daughter in WhileYou Were Sleeping and as female elementary school student in 20th Century Boy and Girl. She also starred as the young girl doing rhythmic gymnastics in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo in 2016.

The Other Cast

The character of In-Bok is played by the veteran actor Kim Ki-Cheon. The famous actor is well known for his portrayal in some of Korea’s biggest movies such as Miracle in Cell No.7 in 2013, Veteran in 2015 and Romang this [2022]. He also starred in several drama series such as Goddess of Marriage in 2013, Queen for Seven Days in 2017 and Less Than Evil in 2018.

Lim Hyung-Joon is also part of the cast. He plays the role of the village head where Soon-Ho and Dong-Ja meet. Lim Hyung-Joon also starred in several shows such as Unstoppable in 2018, The Outlaws in 2017, The Merchant in 2015 and IRIS in 2009.

The drama A Child Saw is only a short-clip drama that stars airing on Oct.4, [2022]. It is directed by Na Soo-Ji and it is written by the talented writer KimHye-Na.

A Child Saw will take you on a journey of love and friendship between two different people. One who has an extraordinary wish and one who wish to find the love of her life. Will the two be able to find what they are searching for? That’s what viewers will need to find out.

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