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The Game Towards Zero [2022] Updated Korean Drama

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South Korean television series is set to air its newest drama this coming [2022]. The show is entitled The Game Towards Zero starring two of South Korea’s most popular actors Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon-hee.

The drama The Game Towards Zero tells us the story of a man who has a prophet’s ability to see the moment right before the death of someone by just looking into their eyes.

He will then meet a female detective who works as an investigator. Together, they use this ability to solve numerous mysterious murder cases and uncover hidden secrets. It is a mystery drama that will spark interest to both young and adult viewers.

The Cast of The Game Towards Zero

Taecyeon - The Game Towards Midnight

The role of the prophet named Kim Tae-pyeong is played by the handsome Korean actor Ok Taecyeon.

The role is about a man who can foresee a person’s death by merely looking in their eyes. Rather than suffering from his mysterious ability, Kim Tae-pyeong uses this ability to be of great help to detectives.

Ok Taecyeon is a famous Korean rapper of the boy group 2 PM. Aside from being a rapper, Taec-yeon is also a singer, songwriter, actor and an entrepreneur.

Taecyeon made his first debut as an actor in the drama Cinderella’s Sister. In 2011, he starred in Dream High. He was also part of several dramas including Who Are You? In 2013, Wonderful Days in 2014, Assembly in 2015 and Let’s Fight Ghost in 2016.

In 2017, Taec-yeon starred in two movies, including House of the Disappeared. Taecyeon is not only fluent in Korean, but he is also fluent in English and Japanese.

In 2011, Taec-yeon won the OST of the Year for his work in My Valentine in the 3rd Bugs Music Awards. In 2017, he also won Popularity Awards for his role in the House of the Disappeared in the 0217 Korean Film Shining Star Awards.

Lee Yeon Hee Role and Awards

Lee Yeon Hee

The character of Seo Joon-Yeong is played by the 31-year old actress Lee Yeon-hee. The role is about a female detective who works at Yongsan Police station.

She will meet the prophet and together, they will uncover secrets and solve mysterious murder cases.

Lee Yeon-hee is well-known for her role in the television series East of Eden in 2008. She also starred in TV dramas Miss Korea in 2013 and The Package in 2017.

Lee Yeon-hee also starred in several movies, including A Millionaire’s First Love in 2006, M in 2007 and Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island in 2015.

Lee Yeon-hee began her career in 2002 when she starred in several music videos for SM artists such as Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky and TVXQ. She is not only a beautiful model, but also an award-winning actress. In 2007, she won an award as Best New Actress at the 5th Max Movie Awards.

The following year, she won an award as Best New Actress in the 31st Golden Cinematography Award for her role in M. In the same year, Lee Yeon-hee won several awards for her role in East of Eden.

The awards include Best New Actress, Popularity Award and Best Couple Award with Song Seung-Heon. In 2012, she won a Fashionista Award at the 7th Asia Model Festival Awards.

Her latest award is Popularity Award at the Korean Film Actors’ Guild Awards for her role in Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island. The award was given in 2015.

Also part of the cast is Lim Ju-hwan. He played the role of a forensic expert named Gu Do Kyung is an expert in forensic investigations who loves digging through every case. He will also be teamed up with the two main actors in the story.

Other Participant of the Said Drama

The Game Towards Zero is directed by Jang Junho and written by Lee JiHyo. Some of Jang JunHo’s recently directed dramas include Princess Aurora in 2013, Hotel King and The Spring Day of My Life in 2014, Iron Lady Cha and Mom in 2015, Let’s Make a New Start in 2016, Bad Thief, the Good Thief in 2017 and Time in 2018.

Lee Ji Hyo is known for his screenplays in The King of Dramas in 2012 and Drama Special Season 4: The Strange Cohabitation in 2013.
The Game Towards Zero is set to air on January [2022].

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