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Love Again [2022] [Korean Movie] Updated

85 / 100

Korea, are you ready for one of the biggest romantic comedy movie of the year? Love Again will surely captivate your heart as it brings you a new drama with a twist of fun and romance.

Also known as “Shall we do it twice”, “Love Again” tells the story of a couple who went through a divorce. Now that they are officially divorced, both of them enjoy the life of single hood.

But then, one day the ex-wife returned in front of the ex-husband, with her new boyfriend. Things got worse as the new boyfriend did not know that the ex-wife was once married to his friend.

The Cast

Kwon Sang-Woo as Jo Hyun-Woo

Kwon Sang Woo- Love Again [2022] Review

The role of Jo Hyun-Woo is played by the very talented Korean actor Kwon Sang-Woo. He is known for his role in Stairway to Heaven in 2003.

Some of Kwon Sang-Woo’s notable dramas include Into the Sun in 2003, Sad Love Song in 2005, Cruel Love in 2007, Cinderella Man in 2009 and Dae Mul in 2010.

In 2013, Kwon-Sang-Woo starred in Queen of Ambition, Medical Top Team in 2013, Temptation in 2014, Queen of Mystery 1 and 2 in 2017 until 2018.

Kwon Sang-Woo also starred in several movies including Shadows of Love in 2012, The Accidental Detective 1 and 2 in 2015-2018, and The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful just this [2022].

In 2013, Kwon Sang-Woo starred in Chinese Zodiac, Shadows of Love in 2012, Pained in 2011 and 71: Into the Fire in 2010. His first-ever debut movie was Volcano High in 2001.

Lee Jung Hyun as Park Sun-Young

Lee Jung Hyun - Love Again [2022]

The female lead character named Park Sun-Young is played by the Korean pop singer and actress Lee Jung Hyun. Lee Jung Hyun is widely known as the “Techno Queen”.

However, because other singers also sing Techno, she changed her title to The Queen of Transformation. Lee Jung Hyun’s English name is Ava and her Japanese name is Hyony.

Lee Jung Hyun made her debut at an early age of 16 in A Petal. She won two awards for this drama including domestic and foreign film awards.

Aside from acting, Lee Jung Hyun also appeared in several music videos such as The Rule of Game. She also released several music albums such as Fever. In each of her albums, Lee assumes several unique personas such as Barbie doll, tribal queen and princess of the sea.

Lee Jong-Hyuk as An Sang-Cheol

Another lead role that will surely captivate the viewer’s heart is An Sang-Cheol played by Lee Jong-Hyuk. Lee Jong-Hyuk’s role is the new boyfriend of the female lead character.

Lee Jong Hyuk is a South Korean actor who is known for his numerous leading and supporting roles in film, stage, and television. In 2012, Lee Jong Hyuk gained popularity in the hit comedy series entitled A Gentleman’s Dignity.

In 2001, he won Best New Actor at Seoul Performing Arts Festival. Aside from this, some of Lee Jong Hyuk’s awards include Excellence Award in 2010 KBS Drama Awards, Best Actor in Serial Drama and Special Acting Award in 2012 SBS Drama Awards.

Also part of the newest drama is some of Korea’s best actors such as Sung Dong-II who plays The Department Head Lee, Jung Sang-Hoon as Myung-Tae, and the actors Kim Hyun-Sook and Park Kyung-Hye.

The drama is written and directed by the talented screenwriter and director Park Yong Jib. Some of Park Yong Jib’s notable films and television series include Miss Gold Digger in 2007, Blue in 2003, Wedding Dress in 2010, Yellow Dog in 2014 and The File in 2015.

began filming on May 10, 2018 and finished July 30, 2018? It is released on October 17, [2022].

Love Again [2022] Trailer

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