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Birthday Letter [2022] (Korean Movie Review)

87 / 100

One of the things that we appreciate during our birthday is not only the present but also a Birthday Letter especially if it’s from a significant person in our lives. Every word that has been written with that specific letter is surely from the heart and for me, it is a sweet way of expressing your feeling and thought towards someone.

BirthDay Letter Review

Last September 11 and 12, [2022] a new series has been released in the KBS2 network and it is called “Birthday Letter”. I know that the title of the series is just a usual title and we can say that from how it is called we can make an assumption that it is about birthday thing or it is about giving the birthday letter, yes, maybe in a way we can say that is correct, but the content of this drama is not as plain as that because it the offers variety of genres like Romance, Historical, Modern and Special drama.

The story of BirthDay Letter will circle around Moo-Gil (Song Geon Hee) and II-Ae (Jo Soo-Min) The two grew up each other and the tickling part is that they are also the first love of each other and their story as a friend and as two individuals who’s having mutual feelings towards one another will surely make us want to screech because of the romantic feeling.

The two were forced to leave the city of Hapcheon, South Korea and will go to Hiroshima, Japan the two will be separated from each other since Moo Gil will be forced to work and II – Ae will make a living at a bar through doing such chores. After a while they met again,

However, something disastrous happened because the atomic bomb was then dropped in Hiroshima and they tried to find each other in the wrecked city.

BirthDay Letter Korean Movie

The year [2022] in South Korea a surprising moment has happened when Moo – Gil (Jeon Mu – Song) receives a letter from his long lost first love II – Ae (Jung Young – Sook). Kim Jae Yeon (Jeon So – Min) granddaughter of Moo – Gil received the letter and she then decided to look for her grandfather’s first love and upon searching for II – Ae, Jae Yeon finds out and discovered the emotional background between the two and how they are emotionally attached to each other in their old days.

The series is really just crafted to perfection so that everyone of every age can relate. Imagining myself in the same situation simply mesmerizes me. If you are into a detailed love story I’m sure this one will satisfy your cravings for that genre.

The story focuses on the painful past of the youth during the Japanese Occupation in Korea and the Korean War.

Upon reading this I will not wonder if you want to receive a birthday letter on your next birthday. And if you have not seen it yet make sure to check it out in the earliest possible time and don’t let yourself miss such a great and well-crafted series.

Birthday Letter [2022] Trailer

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