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Crazy Romance [2022] (Korean Movie)



Crazy Romance 2019 Korean Movie
86 / 100
Crazy Romance [2022] Cast

Crazy Romance, as its name suggests, is truly a crazy romantic drama viewer will surely love. The story is about the romance between the characters Jae-Hoon and Sun-Young. Jae-Hoon has been dumped by his girlfriend, but he hasn’t recovered from the heartbreak yet. Meanwhile, Sun-Young recently broke up with her cheating boyfriend.

The two will end up together and as the story goes, they will realize how they have so much in common. Eventually, will these two old souls found love in each other’s arms? Or will they end up reconnecting with their previous partners? That’s what viewers will have to find out.

The Cast

The main male role named Jae-Hoon is played by the actor Kim Rae-Won. Kim Rae-Won is known for his role in several dramas such as Cat on the Roof in 2003, Say You Love Me 9n 2004, Which Star Are You From in 2006 and Doctors in 2016. Some of Kim Rae-won’s notable awards include Best Actor Selected by Directors in 2015 SBS Drama Awards and Best Actor in 2016 SBS Drama Awards.

Gong Hyo-Jin plays the role of Sun-Young. Sun-Young is a female who recently broke up with her boyfriend and eventually, she will meet the male character of Jae-Hoon. Kong Hyo-Jin is known for her role in [2022] When The Camellia Blooms. She also starred in Beautiful Days in 2001, The Master’s Sun in 2013, The Producers in 2015 and Jealousy Incarnate in 2016.

The Plot

Crazy Romance reminds couples that there is no such thing as a perfect breakup, neither a perfect relationship. People get tired. Some will lose faith in the relationship and tries to find new relationships. The cycle goes on and on with the hopes that this time things will eventually work out with their respective partners.

Kong Hyo Jin - Crazy Romance Movie [2022]

Watching this new romantic comedy film will remind you to crazy it is to fall back in love. But is falling back in love still worth the try? That’s what viewers will have to find out in this new romantic comedy-drama.

In the first episodes, two co-workers named Jae-hoon and Sun-young bond over the stories of their recent breakups. Jae-hoon’s character was devastated from the breakup. This eventually made him suffer the harsh aftermath as he invested so much in his relationship.

According to the actor who played Jae-hoon, he has such an innocent and genuine personality as he is truthful and honest in any situation.

The drama Crazy Romance is the first-ever commercial film to be directed by director Kim Han Gyeol. The drama also marks 16 years since actors Kim Rae-Won and Gong Hyo Jin last collaborated since their classic Korean drama Snowman.

Crazy Romance appeared in Singapore and Korea last week of September and is set to arrive on October 2 at the Korean Box Office.

Crazy Romance [2022] Review

The film is produced by Spackman Entertainment Group and distributed by Next Entertainment World Co., Ltd.

CRAZY ROMANCE, a romantic comedy film produced by the Group’s indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Zip Cinema, surpassed the 1 million ticket sales mark within five days of its wide release on 2 October [2022] in Korea

CRAZY ROMANCE held a tied record with A WEREWOLF BOY (2012), the highest-grossing Korean melodrama movie, as the romantic film which took the shortest time to break 1 million ticket mark in the history of the Korean box office

Occupying an average of 1,053 screens, CRAZY ROMANCE grossed more than US$7. 6 million in box office revenue and captured 26% of the Korean box office market share, as of 6 October [2022].