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Catch the Ghost [2022] [Korean Drama Review]

88 / 100

The newest Korean drama sensation Catch the Ghost about to skyrocket the television network tvN. The latest drama is about a young woman named Yoo Ryeong (played by Moon Geun Young), a rookie detective who is up for the job to search for her missing twin sister.

Yoo Ryeong has a unique perceptional ability which enables her to catch criminals easily. However, her harsh and most of the time rash action usually led her and her team into trouble.

Yoo Ryeong will then meet her partner detective Go Ji Suk (played by Kim Seon Ho). Go Ji Suk is a detective from Wangsimni Subway Police and is the chief of the team where Yoo Ryeong is also a member. Go Ji Suk is a guardian for his single mother who was diagnosed with dementia.

Catch the Ghost Review

Go Ji Suk’s chaotic life begins when she met Yoo Ryeong. Yoo Ryeong, being known for causing too much trouble in the team, will eventually lead to Go Ji Suk always cleaning up for her mess.

Catch the Ghost [2022] or 유령을 잡아라 Review

Kim Seon Ho as the Male Lead

Kim Seon Ho was confirmed as the male lead star of Catch the Ghost in their press release on April 2. In 2017, Kim Seon Ho starred in the equally-popular TV drama entitled “Chief Kim.” Aside from “Chief Kim”, Kim Seon Ho also starred and showcased his acting skills in several dramas such as “You Drive Me Crazy, “Two Cops, “Strongest Delivery Man” “100 Days My Prince” and many others.

Moon Geun Young Takes on the Female Lead

The 32-year old award-winning actress Moon Geun Young takes on the female lead in the drama. She plays the role of the female character Yoo Ryeong. Moon Geun Young’s last known drama series include The Village Achiara’s Secret in 2015, Jung Yi, the Goddess of Fire in 2013 and Cheongdamdong Alice in 2012.

Aside from these drama series, Moon Geun Young also starred in the movies The Throne and Innocent Steps. After several years, Moon Geun Young is definitely back with her latest lead role in this upcoming series.

Catch the Ghost Korean Drama

Catch the Ghost is the first drama series Kim Seon Ho and Moon Geun Young team is paired up. In a recent press interview, the two stars stated they are both happy they are chosen for this project. Moon also crack a joke and stated that “I will do my best not to be defeated by criminals”, referring to her reaction upon learning that she is the female lead. She also mentioned that she will do her very best to work hard and deliver good work.

Aside from the two lead stars, this drama series will also be supported by a stellar cast such as Jung Eugene, Ki-Do Hoon, Song Ok-Suk, Jo Jae Yun, Nam GI-Ae, Ahn Seung-Kyoon, Song Sang-Eun, Park Ho-San, Han Ji-Sang and Park Ji-Yeon. Jung Eugene starred in [2022] Romance is a Bonus Book. She also starred in Thirty but Seventeen and Something in the Rain.

Catch the Ghost Korean Drama is something TV viewers will surely love for the genre is not just investigative drama, but it also includes comedy and romance.

A mix of suspense is also added to spice up and enlighten the mood of TV viewers. If you’re the type who loves to watch investigative dramas with a romantic comedy twist, then this latest drama should definitely be on your must-watch bucket list.

It is meticulously directed by Director/Producer Shin Yoon Seob. TvN released its 15-second teaser on July 27 on their YouTube Channel.

The teaser gained thousands of views in just a matter of days and still continues to gain more views even up to this day. If you haven’t watched the video of this upcoming drama, then click the link below and watch its trailer!


Can’t get enough of the stars? Then, you will love to watch this cute and fun shoot with the cast! Click the link below and enjoy.

Catch the Ghost will be airing its first episode on October 13 up until December 10.

The series has a total of 16 episodes and will run for 8 weeks. It was first announced to premiere on August 26, but was pushed back due to time constraint.

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