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City of Stars [2022] [Korean Drama Review]

85 / 100

This drama entitled City of Stars is going to be the first Korean drama series that will be directed by critically acclaimed director Jang Jin (Welcome to Dongmakgol, Romantic Heaven).

The release date is scheduled around the latter half of [2022]. The lead role was first offered to Hyun-Bin (Hyde, Jekell, and Me) but was declined.

The role was later offered to Byun Yo-Han (Six Flying Dragons) he accepted the role but backed out last March [2022]. Now coming back from military service, Ji Chang-wook is one of the main lead of Empress Ki, Healer and Melting me softly [2022] who’s going to take over the main role of Yoo Dong-Ha which is confirmed already.

Now the director, Jang Jin is known for his unique, unconventional storylines for his films and series has his fingerprints all over this drama series.

City of Stars [2022] Review

City of Stars is set to be the first Science Fiction film ever made, the plot is set in the future where humans almost used up all of Earth’s natural gas, and the only way to survive is to gather a new kind of gas, called Helium-3 from outside the planet. In this situation, comes our protagonist, Yoo Dong-Ha (Byun Yo-Han).

City of Stars Review

Yoo Dong-Ha was a former member of the Air Force of City of Stars, but a really bad accident caused him to develop a bad case of claustrophobia (scared of enclosed spaces eg: elevator) which resulted in him never having the ability to fly a plane again.

Now he works as an aircraft maintenance technician.

Now, Yoo Dong-Ha and his best friend dreamed to be astronauts since they were little kids, as Earth is struggling to support the supply of natural gases, Yoo Dong-Ha and his best friend were selected to be potential astronaut candidates for a mission to retrieve Helium-3.

Yoo Dong-Ha must now face his fears, and his best friend, first to be selected for the mission and make sure it’s successful.

Director Jang Jin is in for a challenge with this project, while he was successful in movies like Guns & Talks and Welcome to Dongmakgol, in which he won “Best Screenplay” at the 4th Korean Film Awards, diving in the Korean drama part of the industry will be a challenge.

Since this is going to be the first Sci-fi themed Korean drama to be aired, this is either going to launch a whole new genre in the industry or it will lead to a realization that sci-fi themed stories are not ready to be used yet.

But since this is Jang Jin we’re talking about, with his quirky characters, sharp puns and his sense of humanism, his “Jang Jin-ish” style can be more of a refreshing start compared to the normal theme for K-Drama.

ji Chang-wook is one of the more established Korean actors in the industry, he rose to fame playing Dong-Hae in the hit daily drama series Smile Again, where he won “Best Actor in a Daily Drama” at the KBS Drama Awards.

Ji Chang Wook - City of Stars [2022]

Another achievement came from his role as Baek Dong-Soo from the hit series Warrior Baek Dong-Soo in which he won the “New Star Award” at the SBS Drama Awards. His most known role is from the series Empress Ki, in which he portrayed ToghonTemur, the 16th Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty alongside Ha Ji-Won.

As we mentioned, City of Stars will be the first of its kind to grace our screens, fans can be assured that this will be good even if it’s so far out of the norm, since we are talking about Jang Jin, and his unpredictability when it comes to directing is one of his strengths.

We can be assured that this drama will have its fair share of dry humor, good CGI effects and everything else that comes from anything Jang Jin directs.

Add that to the versatile acting of Ji Chang-wook, expect the drama scenes to be something that grasps you inside and out, something that will make you feel every character’s pain, celebrating with them with their success and crying with them at their failures.

Until this show is aired, we can only base it on what we have currently, so all we have to do now is wait.

Thank you for reading the “City of Stars“.

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