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Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency [2022](Korean Drama Review)

85 / 100

Get ready to fall in love, laugh, and cry with the characters of JTBC channel’s mid-autumn offering entitled “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” a historical romantic comedy set in the Joseon era. The series is based on the novel “Kkotpadang: Joseonhondamgongjakso” by Kim Yi-Rang, a book which was published on September 22nd, 2014 by PubPle. Kim Yi Rang also wrote the script.

Joseon Marriage Agency Review

The said drama “Joseon Marriage Agency” revolves around the story of Lee Soo, played by Seo Ji Hoon.

(He starred as the handsome lead in “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter.”) Lee Soo is a blacksmith who lived an ordinary life in the countryside whose fortune suddenly changed at the age of 23.

In a sudden turn of events, Lee Soo reluctantly became the King of Joseon. With his new stature as the kingdom’s monarch and most eligible bachelor, women of all ages and social status tried hard to attract and win him over. But the new king only had his heart and eyes set on his first love, a poor, country lass named GaeDdong.

The role is portrayed by actress Gong Seung Yun, (Her previous drama “Are You Human?” was well received by audiences.).GaeDdong goes to the City of Hanyang in search of her lost brother. She doesn’t mind doing hard labor to earn a buck. From carrying heavy sacks of rice, wood-cutting, cleaning fish in the market, and even breaking first-fights on the street, no job is too dirty for this feisty woman.

To survive in the mean city streets, GaeDdong wears pants instead of skirts. Her hair is carelessly twisted in a messy top-knot instead of being adorned with flowers and ribbons. Even though she is pretty, her face is sometimes grimy. Her actions are rough and unladylike, making her unacceptable to become the king’s wife.

Lee Soo would do anything to find and protect his first love so he hires the services of Joseon’s best match-making company, Joseon’s Marriage Agency, to make a noblewoman out of GaeDdong. The Flower Crew members face big challenges in protecting and transforming GaeDdong into a refined lady that the king would be proud of.

Joseon Marriage Agency Kdrama

Joseon’s Marriage Agency consists of a Flower Crew, or “Flower Boys”, a group of very good-looking, almost feminine-like men who are very meticulous about their personal hygiene, appearance, and clothing.
Kim Min Jae, (whose last drama, “Tempted,” ended in May 2018), returns to the tv screen as Ma Hoon.

Ma Hoon is considered as the hottest guy in Hanyang. He was also known as the best male match-maker in the city. He uses his intuition and exceptional ability to judge people’s characters in finding his customer’s perfect mate. He takes care of his clients’ love-life starting from dating, marriage, divorce, and even finding someone for them to remarry. A true professional, he doesn’t discriminate against his customers’ social standing or gender.

Park Ji Hoon, (formerly of Wanna One singing group) is cast as Go Young Soo, the agency’s image-consultant. Considered as a celebrity and being the most fashionable man in Joseon, he turns Hanyang’s city streets into his own fashion runway. Armed with his vast knowledge in fashion and beauty, he gives his customers a life-changing make-over that can make anyone more attractive than ever.

Byeon Woo Seok (whose previous acting projects were “Search: WWW” and “Welcome to Waikiki 2”) portrays Do Joon, the Flower Crew’s informant/investigator. A son of a family that used to be wealthy, he lived an almost perfect lifestyle, but due to his family’s downfall, he now lives a life without direction.

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” is directed by Kim Ga Ram. It will start showing on September 16, [2022], at 21:30 KST.
It will replace the Monday-Tuesday slot previously occupied by “At Eighteen.”

The Joseon Marriage Agency is already creating a buzz among the fans of the talented cast members. Be prepared for some eye-candy that will surely make your Monday and Tuesday nights exciting.

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