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The Running Mates: Human Rights [2022] Korean Dram Review

83 / 100

From the upcoming korean drama “The Running Mates: Human Rights”, the character of Han Yoon-Seo (Lee Yo-Won) who works as an investigator for the Human Rights Promotion Commission, as an investigator, she only investigates cases based solely on facts which she is often mistakenly thought to lack empathy that will conflict with the character of Bae Hong-Tae (Choi Gwi-Hwa) who will also work as an investigator but working together they will achieve helping people who have their rights violated.

The Running Mates: Human Rights Review

The character shows how some real-life advocates of human rights work and what they go through to win a fight not for themselves but for others. This will show that some of us still believe that blood is thicker than water and it values humanity over greed.

The Running Mates: Human Rights drama series. We, humans, have proved ourselves to be the most intelligent and wise among all the living beings here on earth. For many years and or centuries of studies and understanding, we were able to unravel many said truths about our history and our own existence. But where did this knowledge and intelligence have brought us? And, how did it affect ourselves?

Based on evolution not only the physical aspect of ourselves has developed but also our emotions and our way of thinking. Knowledge developed worldly desires and greed towards one another and kept us hungry for success. Throughout the years we compete against each other to be above the rest and equality has been tarnished.

Histories showed us how our lineages enslaved and kill our own kind. We fight each other, physically and intellectually as we treat humankind is our own enemy. From those times we learned that we are not safe from each other and that we formulated the law. To keep us safe from our own brothers and sisters, we armored ourselves with rights.

We develop “Human Rights”; these are the rights inherent to all human beings regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, language, status, religion and another status to ensure the safety of humanity against violence from its own kind. According to the United Nations, it includes the right to life and liberty, freedom, from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Every single one is entitled to these rights without discrimination.

Despite the enforcement of human rights, there are still some violators. Such are from countries or individuals who rejected the implemented rights due to their religious, political or ethnic beliefs. These incidents have been reported during the 1970 – 1980s where individuals and groups are being politically killed by the police or army, forced arrest and detention, repression of ethnic and religious minorities. During this era, political prisoners are also being abused by being forced to admit to a psychiatric hospital against their will and some have experienced unimaginable abuse. There are also few reports of some happenings in recent years.

Over the century of human civilization, these rights helped to shape our culture and views of one another, and the oppressed discriminated and abused people decreased over the years. Many countries founded their own Human Rights Commission that will ensure human rights violence will never be set aside. With the continuous efforts of the citizens, government and religious groups, human rights are also improving as our civilization moves forward. In addition, there are human rights advocates who fight for those whose human rights are violated.

We also have articles, movies, magazines and other educational materials that help increase our knowledge of the human rights and the importance of the role we play as a citizen and the effects this has caused when violated.

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The Running Mates: Human Rights Trailer

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