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Beautiful Love Wonderful Life [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

88 / 100

Who among you dreamed to have a beautiful love and a wonderful life? Well, certainly everyone does. KDrama fans can expect to love and laugh with KBS2 TV’s newest romantic comedy series Beautiful Love Wonderful Life which will air on September 28.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life [2022]

Beautiful LoveWonderful Life centers on four people trying to live their lives seeking for love and happiness. The show airs every Saturday & Sunday 19:55, following the conclusion of Mother of Mine.

Also known as Salangeun Byutipul Insaengeun Wondeopul, this upcoming series will be directed by Han Joon-Seo. He is known for highly-rated drama series such as Scandal in Old Seoul, Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and Formidable Rivals.

Writer Bae Yoo-Mi (Should We Kiss First, I Have a Lover, Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident) pens the script for the show. Find out if she can cast the same magic she used with “Twinkle Twinkle”, which won the Best Screenplay award at the 2011 MBC Drama Awards.

It’s a story of a reserved man who doesn’t believe in marriage and a female student studying for the civil-service exam, which ultimately gave up on love, marriage, and parenthood. Will they find love and happiness?

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life Review

All 100 plus episodes of Beautiful Love Wonderful Life will surely change your usual weekend Kdrama routine. KBS2 TV switched gears from a drama series to romantic comedy series, which Kdrama fans will find refreshing. Jo Yoon-Hee, Yoon Park, Oh Min-Suk and Jo Woo-Ri will star in this HB Entertainment–produced series.

Jo Yoon-Hee plays the role of Kim Seol-Ah. An ambitious and glamorous woman who was also an announcer in the past. Behind her prestigious and elegant life is a troubled and worry-filled life, making her journey to finding happiness more exciting.

This would be Jo Yoon-Hee’s first series after marrying Lee Dong Gun last September 2017 and having a baby in December 2017. She last appeared in “Laurel Tree Tailors” and currently MC’s for KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together.”

Yoon Park stars as Moon Tae-Rang, the oldest son coming from a family of adoptees. A young chef who has been facing challenges all his life, he will be portraying a loving character that values family and sincere feelings.

Oh Min-Suk will give life to Do Jin Woo, the CEO of a large company and the husband of Kim Seol Ah. Coming from a wealthy and well-known family, the character is going to experience several things to inspire him to change throughout the show.

Jo Woo-Ri plays the role of Moon Hae-Rang, she is Moon Tae Rang’s younger sister and works as a secretary for Do Jin Woo. Being involved in a delicate situation in her relationship, she is going to meet a mysterious character with a lot of secrets.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life Korean Drama

The show has already gained a lot of online buzz as fans are excited to see KBS2 move from the traditional weekend drama to more lighthearted romantic comedy series.

In a gathering of the stars and staff for Beautiful Love Wonderful Life, Director, Han Joon-Seo expressed his confidence with the actors in the project. “It’s the tensest place. I am relieved to see all the actors gathered together,” he said.

Screenwriter Bae Yoo-Mi is also grateful for the opportunity to work with this romantic comedy series, promising to work hard on the story and script. “It is a pleasure to be gathered like this. I hope everyone does not get hurt while shooting. I will work hard on the script. I would like to thank you,” she said.

Adding to the already talent-filled ensemble are Kim Mi Sook, Jung Won Joong, Na Young Hee, Seol In Ah, CLC’s Eunbin, Kim Jae Young, and Ryu Ui Hyun.

Beautiful Love Wonderful life Trailer

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