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Korean Drama Review

Melting Me Softly [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

87 / 100

Before you read this article about Melting Me Softly make sure that you are prepared to be enticed and mesmerized!

Since the phenomenal success of the action drama series of Healer 2014 and K2 2016, Ji Chang Wook are set to melt our hearts with his comeback project called Melting Me Softly.

Melting Me Softly or AKA Let Me Melt Review

Melting Me Softly or AKA Let me Melt has a story that revolves around a man and a woman who participated in the popular variety show called the Frozen Human Project.

They would be frozen within 24 hours and expected to be awake as soon as they melt. But due to an unexplainable scheme, both of them woke up 20 years later.

Melting Me Softly Review [2022]

Aside from shocking news, they also find themselves experiencing the harmful effects of the project. Later on, they would find out that the only way to survive is to keep their core body temperature of 31.5 degrees Celsius and to control their heart rates.

Unlike his popular action-drama series, Ji Chang Wook decides to take a romantic comedy-drama. He will be portraying the main character of Ma Dong Chan, who is a TV producer that is known for making popular shows.

He creates a new variety show called the Frozen Human Project with the hope to make history in the broadcasting industry. With his ambitious dream, he decides to join the show where he was supposed to wake up after 24 hours of freezing his body.

But when he woke up, he finds himself to be in the year [2022], which is 20 years later after his participation in the project.

Melting Me Softly Korean Drama [2022]

Along with Ji Chang Wook, he co-stars with Won Jin Ah who will be playing the role of Go Mi Ran in “Melting Me Softly” who works as a part-timer in the broadcasting station and also decides to participate in the 24-hour freezing project to receive 5 million won.

The Sky Castle star, Yoon Se Ah also stars in the drama as Na Ha Young, who is the first love and girlfriend of Ji Chang Wook’s character. She is characterized to have a cold and strong personality which was caused by her heartbreak and suffering over Ma Dong Chan’s strange disappearance.

The two actresses will be portraying important roles in Ma Dong Chan’s character and will mainly add tension to the overall story of the drama.

Senior and versatile actors like Kim Won Hae, Seo Jeong Yeon and Im-Won Hee. Were cast as supporting roles of the series and are expected to add more depth and meaning in the much-awaited series. They might also contribute to the main characters’ developments as the story progresses.

The said series is written by Baek MiKyung who is known for her popular romantic comedy hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ” (2017).

Her company, Story Phoenix, is responsible for producing the drama. It is directed by Shin Woo Cheol, who directed the remarkable hit series of “Secret Garden” (2010) and “Lovers in Paris” (2004).

With the powerhouse casts of Melting Me Softly, it is expected to garner popularity ratings to its audiences, After two years of being in the military service, Ji Chang Wook’s acting skills will be tested in this romantic comedy TV series.

Although he received his first romantic comedy-drama in portraying the role of No Ji-Wook in Suspicious Partner, viewers and fans anticipate a refreshing and lovable side of the actor.

Melting Me Softly KDrama

Starting her career in 2015, Won Jin Ah has proven her acting skills as she won the 2018 Best New Actress in APAN Star Awards and was nominated for the 54th Baekang Arts Award in the same year.

For her portrayal of Ha Moon So in Rain or Shine drama series will the newest artist among the cast, many people doubt if she can equate the excellent acting skills of her co-actors. With a lot of expectations for her, Won Ji Ah is one of the must-see artists of the series.

Yoon Se Ah will be bringing her superb acting skills as she portrays one of the main roles of the drama. With the first glimpse of her character,

many were wowed in her sophisticated and intimidating aura, as she flawlessly characterized the older Na Ha Young who turned to be a cold and powerful announcer.

There would be other sides of her role as she is also the girlfriend of Ma Dong Chan, who experienced and dealt with painful memories of her last boyfriend.

With great artists, an interesting story of Melting Me Softly, and a handful of the creative production team. The said drama could land on the Best Korean drama for this year.

Who knows what kind of feeling it would bring with us? Would it surpass the top-rated series of Hotel Del Luna, Love Alarm, and Angel’s Last Mission: Love?

Let us all find out how this series would turn out as this 16-episode romantic comedy and sci-fi TV drama is scheduled to premiere on September 28th this year at tvN.