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Love Alarm [2021] (Korean Drama Review)

89 / 100

Love Alarm has always been one of the most requested Korean Series that readers want to read about so they’ve requested it be reviewed. The long wait is over!

Love Alarm KDrama

I was actually kind of hesitant to watch it as I see Netflix only downloaded 8 episodes which they did on My First, First Love Season 2. I hated the fact that I have to wait for a while for the release of its second season.

I’ve been skipping for days, but I ran out of Kdramas that I like to watch so that’s when I finally decided to. I was really overwhelmed because while watching the first episode I realized that it is really good and there are times that I’m seeing myself giggling because of the romantic vibe that it brings.

The story revolves around the love triangle of three high schoolers Kim Jo-Jo played by Kim So Hyun, Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh and Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-Yeong.

I enjoy high school stories and this is a typical experience of having crushes and with the effects of Social Media now, students in the story have become addicted to the latest App, where you can find out, how many people, like you within a 10-meter radius.

Love Alarm Review

While almost every girl is swooning over the campus heartthrob which apparently is Sun oh, as his Love Alarm rings nonstop on his first day of school as he walks through the school courtyard, Kim Jo-Jo, who is struggling to survive with the hustle and bustle of life has no time for Love Alarm plus her phone does support the App.

It started with the flashback 4 years ago, Sun-oh and Hye-Yeong are childhood best friends who ended up falling in love with the same girl. Sun-oh found out that his best friend has been silently crushing on Jo-Jo which Hye-Yeong usually denies.

The conflict started when Sun-oh became curious and interested in Jo-Jo as he follows her trail from school to her work and home. Their kissing scene is quite forward, which has caused clamor, within the campus.

Jo-Jo broke up with IL-Sik and she also lost her best friend. Hye-Yong, on the other hand, chose to step back when Sun-oh and Jo-Jo started dating. All hell broke loose for Gul-Mi, (Jo-Jo’s cousin) when she found out about them dating.

Duk-Gu has the most interesting character as he is the developer of the App. It’s amazing that he can even send out a notification on the clouds for his crush.

Love AlaLove Alarm [Netflix]

As amazing the App was for everyone, it was useless for him as he is being cruelly rejected by Gul-Mi through his App. Of course, who would fall for a nerd? So heartbroken with the revelation of his feelings to Gul-Mi, instead of giving the phone to her, he gave it to Jo-Jo. Orbits her love triangle with Sun-oh and Hye-Yong, with all its twists and turns of their story.

The story became so fast-phase after it. The flashback ended after the car incident and Jo-Jo denies his love Sun-oh after Duk-Gu gave her App a special shield. Dukgus jumping off the window is a mystery.

Now back to their present lives after the flashback, Hye-Yeong has finally found the courage to tell Jo-Jo, he likes her. Sun-ho is still broken hearted that Jo-Jo’s App that does not ring for him, yet he knows that their feeling is still mutual.

And with the release of Love Alarm 2.0, where I am already so dense with the story, and Netflix knows how to riot its viewers like me. I have to admit that it will be worth the wait.

I love that the story as it is relatable with the youth nowadays. It tackled a lot of aspects, like love, of course, rejection, and nowadays, everything depends on social media, striving for self-validation thru likes, reactions, shares and notifications and the app as confirmation of love. I can’t wait for Season 2, to be honest.

I have to say that now I understand why we were flooded with requests asking us to release a review about Love Alarm. I can still feel the atmosphere of the series while I’m writing this one!

Love Alarm Trailer

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