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Extraordinary You [2022] (Korean Drama Review)

86 / 100

Have you ever dreamed of being a character in a comic book or movie? We sure do love to see ourselves on Extraordinary You as the star in our own make-believe tale.

Extraordinary You or AKA Ha-Roo Found by Chance Review

The popular high school fantasy drama Webtoon Extraordinary You written by MuRyu, gives you a glimpse of reality and fantasy at the same time with a story of a high school girl that discovered she is living a life of a comic character.

She found out that she is in a made-up world which the writer already designed the destiny of each character. However, she does not like where her story will lead to and devises a plan to change her fate in the comic book.

Extraordinary You Korean Drama

MBC will adapt the famous Webtoon into KDrama casting Kim Hye Yoon as the lead actress.

Kim Hye Yoon was known for her role in Sky Castle, where she just received the [2022] Best New actress award from the 55th BaekSang Arts Awards.

She will play the role of Eun Dan-O, the girl who realized that she is just a character in a comic book titled “Secrets” and to her demise, is not the main character, but just an extra and will be dying in the story.

Determined to change the course of her destiny in the story, she met another extra character with no line, no role and no name played by Ro Woon of SF9 KPOP group.

Rowoon debuted in acting in 2018 and was nominated for New Actor in his role in SBS Where Stars Land. Together, their characters, develop a plan to change the narrative of their story and got close. Dan-O eventually named him Ha Roo (A Day)

Part of the cast of Extraordinary You is Lee JaeWok as Baek Kyung, starred in Memories of the Alhambra, as Dan-os fiance who is charismatic and popular, but has no feelings for Dan-O, he only agreed to marry her because of his father’s business.

In the comic story, Dan-O is in love with Jae-Wook for 10 years, but Jae Wook does not reciprocate her feelings.

Extraordinary You Review

The comic’s main character Yeo Joo-Da is played by Lee Na-Eun of KPOP group April, who made her acting debut only this year [2022].

Yeo Joo-Da is a new student, who is beautiful, energetic and intelligent, but came from a poor family. Her story is entwined with Oh NamJoo, played by rising rookie actor Kim Young Dae known for “Okay to be Sensitive” and Lee Do Hwa, played by Jung GunJoo also a rookie actor from JYP.

They have a love triangle situation going on but the main character Yeo Joo-Da is not aware of their feelings towards her.

Lee Tae-RI (formerly named Lee Min-Ho) the most veteran among the cast of young and rookie actors play the role of Fairy Jin Mi Chae.

The character is not a student, but occasionally appears in the school. He knows the mysterious world the students are living in and he helped Dan-O discovers the secret of their world.

Mu Ryu’s creative fiction implies even in a fantasy world, you will not always be the protagonist, in reality, the world does not revolve around you, but you make your own story even if others have determined it for you.

Eun Dan-O’s journey towards her discovery and realization of how to use her knowledge and alter her fate makes a unique and exciting plot. “Ha-Roo Found by Chance” titled in English as Extraordinary You will premiere

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