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Cheer Up Mr Lee 2019

Cheer Up Mr Lee [2022] Korean Movie Reviewed



Cheer Up, Mr.Lee
85 / 100

Cheer Up Mr Lee has a simple and unique twist. Cheol-Soo (Cha Seung-Won) has an impressive appearance, but he is a feebleminded.

He then jumps right into fatherhood after suddenly discovering that he has a child. His daughter Saet-Byeol (Um Chae-Young) has been sick and she has been in the hospital. They started a trip.

Cheol Soo is back to the big screen. We see all sorts of familiar faces this time around, but the audience is introduced to a few new characters.
Cha Seung Won a handsome man discovered that he has an ill daughter Saet Byeol. She has leukemia and meets him when her grandmother introduces him to her as her father.

That is the start of how a not so intelligent man started to become a father. They started a trip to let her know how much he loves her and wished that his daughter would live longer.

Cheer Up, Mr. Lee Korean Movie

Lee debuted with the romantic-comedy The Beast and the Beauty (2005).

After a 10-year break, he returned with the 2016 action-comedy film Luck Key, a box office hit with more than 6.9 million admissions. Now, with this. The first reading was last June 2018.

This is another winning movie on his part. This film movie served as great entertainment with its amazing cast and upside down plot twists.

More than any other movies that he directed, this is the most amazing part. Cha Seung-Won had shown his natural-born humor with a drama and a family-friendly genre. He also brings yet a father-daughter relationship movie.

However, several father-daughter films revolve around a childish father and an adult-like child, the most successful recent example being “Miracle in Cell No. 7” (2013). What differentiates the film from the others, there is a “special incident” that turns the story upside down.

I love how Korean movies plot their stories. It only means that their culture represents what an ideal family is all about. Regardless of the condition of a person, that should never be the reason why you will not fulfill your duty as a parent.

I laugh out loud and at the same time cry hard in this movie. This shows how they made their movie more relatable to their audience. That is also exemplary.

With a 1 hour and 34 minutes duration, you will never get bored watching it. It is synchronized and you really cannot be able to predict what will happen next.

Cheer Up, Mr. Lee Review

All the characters in Cheer Up Mr Lee support one another’s role. From the beginning and how the father and the daughter meet, from flashbacks, it is very smooth. No technical errors. The effect of the movie, from where to focus and the overall view.

The sound is clear, with no stuttering. I should say that they have done a huge preparation for this movie to become successful. It was a success.

Lee Gae-byok once again created a movie that will make the hearts melt and eyes cry of millions of people who are subscribing and following for the launched of this movie.

This will give a great lesson for every family to do their best to show their love for their children. Do not let any other circumstances hinder you from achieving your fullest potential and from showing your love to the people around you. thank you for reading Cheer Up Mr Lee.

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