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Upcoming Drama of Top Star Suzy Bae Entitled “SandBox [2022]” together with Male Lead Nam Joo-Hyuk

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A [2022] new Korean trailer is about to air on televisions at home. Sandbox is a South Korean Silicon Valley where all gathered start-ups who dream to be a future Google and Amazon are working in that place. The story of SandBox revolves around two characters namely Seo Dalmi and Nam Do San. Seo Dal mi occurrence in the story has an epic set wherein she refuses to lose with her older sister who is a chaebol of the second generation.

She insisted that there is something more about exploring life and she started to dream like Steve Job. Seo Dalmi first entered a university. However, she stops going to school learning that there is something more exciting on the outside believing that she can earn more than a Hundred Million KRW so she can start with her new business.

Seo Daimi almost works different odd jobs, in fact, hardships can be seen on her dreaming to achieve and surpassed a difficult path in living her dreams. On the other hand, character Nam Do San is a founder of Sam San tech. He is good at mathematics. Nam Do San loves coding and knitting. He often goes back to his past as he boast his winnings when he got the Youngest Grand Prize Math Olympiad as a child. Unluckily, after 15 years, his family experienced a verge of humiliation after an incident.

Sandbox upcoming Korean drama Suzy Bae& Nam Joo Hyuk On March, [2022]

Jumping to his conclusion, together with his friends, they start up a new business. However, standing the foundation for almost 2 years was difficult because he was only eaten up by the investments. The story of these two characters is worth to be watched for especially the chemistry that will be set on fire. Nao Do San became Seo Daimi’s, first love.

They will eventually cheer with each other’s events and growths. These characters will be played by two of the top Hallyu stars in South Korea. The production team offers this drama entitled SandBox aiming to be accepted positively not only by the cast but includes the viewers. Seo Dalmi will be charactered by Bae Suzy. Suzy was known not only in her charm but also her versatility as an actress.

She already gathered a huge growth of fans around the globe because of her excellency during her performance in numerous roles. She was once remembered in her successful portrayals in the different series such as Dream High, Gu Family Book, Uncontrollably Fond, While you were Sleeping and Vagabond. In connection with this, it said she will be teamed up with Nam Joo Hyuk who will portray the character of Nam Do San.

Nam Joo-Hyuk - SandBox

He also appeared in different series and was being loved by citizens because of his looks, charisma, and talents in acting. Viewers can’t forget his roles during the successful airings of Who are you: School 2015, Cheese in the Trap, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo, The Bride of HaBaek and Dazzling.

These two will give a heartwarming episode knowing they can prove that they are worth it the role. The story simply revolves around two characters who have different characteristics as an individual. A story of a woman who started her job in and was inspired by a character named Steve Job and another man who needs to make his love looks good.

Their story will start to tell and as they continuing to grow. There are many exciting events that must be watched by the audiences particularly the development of each other’s interests. To sum it up, it simply narrates the struggling story of two people who dares to start their own company in Korea’s Silicon Valley. Fans and other netizens opened their hearts for the first team-up of these two know they can create a big impact in the industry.

Some netizens said that this will surely create a blast given that there are two actors who were known consecutively during their drama series and the team-up of the big hitmaker writer and director. They added that they are congruent enough for this kind of genre that made them more excited.

Suzy Bae - SandBox Drama

Although these two had a busy schedule in [2022] after the wrap up of the action series ‘Vagabond‘ of Suzy Bae and the appearance of Jong Hyuk in the fantasy drama ‘Dazzling‘, they are given the spotlight again to be seen once again in television. The team believes that these two will make loud noises in the industry, not because of their popularity but their versatility as an actor in their previous roles that will be most likely be followed by millions of viewers. As of now, the actors are reviewing the offers positively.

The said drama will be directed by Oh ChungH wan and written by Park Hye Ryun. These two will mark a reunion. They are already once teaming up during the 2017 series of “While you were Sleeping” where Suzy also starred.

Hye Ryun as a writer was already been proven as he wrote numerous series wherein he previously worked with Suzy during her debut drama in Dream High. Hye Ryun previously screenplay the ‘I can hear your voice’ and ‘Pinocchio’ same as Director Chung Hwan after he directed two of the known Korean Dramas who created a top list during the airing; “You came from the Stars” and “Hotel del Luna“.

He also directed the medical drama entitled “Doctors.” Excitement occurs again as they work together to create another hitmaker or must say a legendary piece entitled SandBox featuring two of the top artist Of South Korea, Suzy, and Nam Joo-hyuk. The series is set to air on May 31, [2022], via TVN.

SandBox contains 16 episodes and the episode’s duration lasts for about 60 minutes. However, the posters and other information of the show are still checked. The released of the promotional posters and trailers are still unknown but according to the production, it will be set to release soon, so, it is a must to wait for the arrival of this alluring episode that will create another level of experience in the comforts of their homes.

 It will draw out the consciousness of a person being business-minded and at the same time the development of one’s personality such as interest, maturity, and love development.