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Black Dog [2022] Upcoming Comedy Drama of Top Star Seo Hyun Jin and Ha-Joon

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Black Dog In recognizing the teacher’s effort, new episodes will be able to watch by citizens. It contains a deep story pertaining to journeys and issues of every individual. A nurturer, an educator, a mentor or simply known as ‘teacher’ is a difficult task. A teacher is knowledgeable enough to hone her/his students to become productive members of society. And this what “Black Dog” looks like, which will be aired soon.

Black Dog Full Cast Korean Drama

The story revolves around the story of a young woman who got an opportunity in a teaching position. Go Ha Neul as the main character, is the newly appointed teacher in a private high school. Since before, she was inspired to be a teacher because of her gratitude after her own teacher saved her life. She followed the step of being a nurturer and for her, it was a privilege for her to be part of the teaching force. While working she interacts with many people.

In continuation of this, Ha Neul will be mentored by Park Sung Soon, the head of the counseling department. She is known as a determining teacher and is a workaholic. She’ll do whatever it takes for her students like visiting other schools to fight in behalf of them. Meanwhile, Do Yeun Woo, a Korean Language teacher who is very passionate about his job, in fact, his heart race for an excitement when it talks about teaching.

Seo Hyun-Jin Black Dog Cast

Every time, hours and second for him was an excitement. When daytime arrives, he considers it as an opportunity to taught students in school. He is an idealist. He believes that talents will win over rather than any office politics. However, he doesn’t want to be involved in this kind of circumstances but instead, he likes to go with his own as he grows as a person. There are many stars that are taken part of Black Dog. The cast was Seo Hyun Jin who will portray one of the main roles as Go Ha Neul. Seo Hyun Jin appeared in a 2018 drama series “The Beauty Inside“.

She also got a Baeksang Award during 53rd Awarding last 2017 as Best Actress in her successful portrayal in the storyline, Another Miss Oh. She already received a couple of awards as she portrays her excellency in the role she was assigned to. Ra Mi Ran takes her part as Park Sung Soon. Ra Mi Ran’s vulnerability as an actress was proven after she got the Excellent Actress in a medium-length drama in the Miracle We Met during the 2018 KBS Drama Awards. Ha JOON will also appear as Do Yeon WOO.

Ha-Joon Black Dog Cast

Ha Joon starred in a TV movie as a part of a Drama stage entitled, “The woman who makes the Last Meal” as Kang Ming Joon via TVN last 2018. He also starred in a drama series as Tachoogan of Arthdal Chronicles. Other artists such as Yoo Min Kyu as Ji Hae Won, Jue Hae Kyun as Moon Soo Ho, Lee Yoon Hee as Lee Seung Taek and many more will be seen in the set. Artists involved in this school drama are well equipped enough to portray different roles relating to the conflicts arise in a school setting such as Administration, Highschool problems, students and teachers.

This comedy school drama gives a deep understanding of the lives of teachers as it creates a commentary situation through the microcosm of a school setting. It will reveal how difficult to be a nurturer. The characters of the story will face different events that challenge their mind not only as a teacher but also a person.

Black Dog [2022] Blog

The story will be directed by Hwang Joon Hyuk, who directed numerous films includes the stage drama, The Woman Who Makes the Last Meal, together with the screenplays occurrence of a female scriptwriter, Park Joo Hyun. BLACK DOG is set to air on the month of December 16, [2022], every Monday and Tuesday via TVN having a 60-minute duration. TVN released two teaser posters for the upcoming drama.

Black Dog starring Seo Hyun Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Han Joon, and Lee Chang -Joon are together in a picture wearing their professional sleeve. The other poster was a picture of Seo Hyun Jin holding many books as she climbs in stairs and above her was Ra Mi Ran smiling splendidly.

It only signifies their difference inexperience. It simply shows that Seo will undertake many journeys as she grows into a well-experienced nurturer. All four characters mentioned will be playing the role of a teacher and try to become one of the best. The video trailers are release showing different sides of each character.

Black Dog [2022] Korean Drama

The first teaser is when Seo Hyun Jin was standing in a front of a tunnel who was reminiscing her memories after a teacher saved her life. The second teaser gives a cheerful vibe wherein Seo Hyun Jin and Ra Mi Ran were introduced having a time in getting possible actions in hilarious situations.

The said drama will leave another inspirational message that will surely motivate everyone on working different struggles by dealing with them. It foretold the hardships of a teacher behind every lecture and how they are able to manage their time personally despite their tiredness in different aspects. Audiences must follow each episode because it is really a good one. There are many moral lessons and it really portrays the reality what a typical teacher experienced throughout their life journey as an individual in their everyday lives.

The story simply portrays the life of a student and school teachers often represent the reality of what actually happened in school. After the airing of Sky Castle, BlackDog also interferes as a reflection of most life in school. Certainly, each of you is looking forward to seeing the wonderful episodes Black Dog has to offer and one thing is for sure, your highest expectations will not remain expectations because from the cast, storyline, and information that has been released regarding the said series it is already creating a huge impact to the audiences.

Black Dog [2022] Teaser / [1차티저] 사고 현장 속 서현진?! ‘무엇 때문에 내게 그렇게까지 할 수 있었던 걸까’