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Diary of a Prosecutor Another New Legal Drama is Up to Air Soon!

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There are many responsibilities that occur in a different professions. Some of these are a profession that needs immediate attention in order to succeed in the settled goal. Diary of a Prosecutor having alternative names known as Prosecutor Civil War , “Civil War Inspection“, “War of Prosecutors” and “Inside Stories of Prosecutors” are set to air soon.

Diary of a Prosecutor [2022] Korean Drama

It is based on a successful book story entitled “Prosecutor Kim Woong” that has been published last year, January 19, 2018, and was written by Bookie. It tells a story of prosecutors having an overworked experience that occurs on their daily lives of being an agent in Seoul who are bound to solve a number of cases. One of the main characters named Lee Sun Woong, works as a prosecutor in a district office in Jinyoung.

He seems very relaxed and looks like he doesn’t spend his time or invest his decision in having an outcome or desired target on his goals. Meanwhile, that’s the opposite character of Cha Myung Joo. Cha Myung Joo is known as an elite prosecutor having a fast track record in a Central District Prosecutor’s Office located in Seoul. The story goes when one day, she was set to transfer in the district post of public office in Jin Young where Lee Sun works.

The story of Diary of a Prosecutor starts to reveal its agendas as it continues to revolve around by completing their job as a prosecutor in solving different integration of cases. As the story goes by, things went well somehow and it includes their personal life and their task as a prosecutor, continually the plot starts to reveal idealistic events as it shows its true content behind the reasons and working experience of each character.

They will face different conflicts that will test their endurance as an individual in their field. It simply narrates the story of prosecutors who have routines experiencing huge numbers of issues wherein they have to stay all night to tackle different cases handed over by the police and how they are able to work it out as a professional.

In coordination with that, characters were all been set to lead the cast of Diary of a Prosecutor’s planned released. The lead actors and actresses are given the opportunity to be viewed once again in the comforts of the home of every citizen. One of the characters was the star of the “Coffee Prince” series that’s was a big hit in many countries played by Lee Sun Kyun. He was given the chance to portray the role as he visualizes Lee Sun Woong identity.

Jung Ryeo Won, the Korean Australian actress, will be characterizing Cha Myung Joo. Ryeo Won, a member of a girl group Shakira was once paired with Lee Dong Wook during their Bubble Gum dramatization, she became popular during her time when she first appeared in the hit television series, My name is Kim Sam Soon. Other main casts who were involved in drama were Lee Jung Jae as Jo Min Ho, who was known in his notable films like Arts Museum by the Zoo to name one and Lee Sang Hee as Oh Yoon Jin, a working mother in a public prosecutors office.

Lee Sang Hee, gain her prominence and recognition during her 2017 film in Our Love Story that has been followed by her fans. Names mentioned previously were the main casts while the supporting casts are the following: Jeon Sung Woo portraying as Kim Jung Woo, Baek HyunJoo as Jang Mang OK, Ahn Eun Jin as Sung Mi Ran and Jun Jae Sung. The drama will be directed by Lee Tae Gun.

In coordination with this legal drama, the screenwriters were gathered up to produce an effective dramatization written by Park Yeon Seon, Seo Ja Yeon, and Lee Hyun. Lee Tae Gun and Park Yeon Seon had previously worked together on Hello, My TWENTIES, first and second season and once again will be working in the new legal drama, Prosecutor Civil Wars.

The combination of the crafts of these 3 writers will surely give another efficiency of drama realization towards the reality of the world. There are many kinds of drama having a different twist but this one really brings something very exciting that may conclude audience realization in their everyday life especially the eagerness to succeed in their desired goal.

As an individual, we all have these plans to improve the social status of our life. Some of them tend to depict every responsibility as an interconnectedness in their physical and psychological state. Diary of a Prosecutor seems that this one will bring something spectacular showing knowledge of how things work out and the reality of the daily life of a Prosecutor.

There are many events that must be followed consecutively like interest, challenges, realization, inspiration, growth, and development as a person in terms of mental and social relationships throughout the scene. “Diary of Prosecutor” is set to air on December 16, this year till February 04 during Monday and Tuesday at 21:30, Korean Standard Time (KST). The airing of this drama will be set to premiere via JTBC.

In addition to this, the legal drama was produced by Oh Nam-Seok under the S-Peace production company. The running time will run in 70 minutes and will have 16 episodes. What was interesting was the promotional poster being release wherein the casts are standing in stairs wearing formal black suits lead by Lee Sun Kyu and Jung Ryeo Won.

During the promotional posters, the trailer was also been released wherein a prosecutor who was working with his papers meet with these two young innocent children who were fighting with each other. What the prosecutor did was to make them up with those simple argues by merely talking to them.

It really depicts the job of a prosecutor who solves conflicts in a short period of time. Audiences must follow and should be stayed up to date especially the occurrence of their stories and accomplishment as a professional in the worked plot. Keep on tuning in because a lot of flavors are added in each series of Diary of a Prosecutor.

Diary of a Prosecutor / 검사내전 Trailer

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