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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Love Alarm Season 2

79 / 100

Love Alarm Season 1 is one of Netflix’s highest rating South Korean sci-fi romance drama. After its successful season 1 installment, fans of the hit sci-fi romance drama are eagerly waiting for its Love Alarm Season 2 airing.

The trailer for the second season hasn’t been released yet. But fans keep an eye out and eagerly waiting for updates.

What Happened in Season 1?

Love Alarm tells the story of three teenagers and a dating app. The said dating app can tell the user if someone is attracted to them. Three teenagers named Kim Jojo, Sun-Oh and Hye-Young will soon find out how the dating app wreak havoc into their lives.

It all started when Jojo had a relationship with Sun-Oh despite her being in a different relationship already. The two kissed without any romantic feeling between them. After that, Sun-Ho seeks to understand why his close friend Hye-Yeong would like someone like Jojo. Jojo’s boyfriend eventually learned about the relationship. The two trusted the app so much and so troubles began to arise among the three of them.

By the end of Love Alarm Season 1, Hye-Young and Sun-Oh were tangled in a love affair with their friend Jojo. The huge question for fans is: Who will Jojo pick to be her lover? That seems to be answered in the sci-fi romance drama’s second instalment.

The Cast of Love Alarm

The three main cast of the series are Jung Ga-ram, Kim So-Hyun and Song Kang. They are expected to return for season 2 ,yet no other casting announcements have been made.

The Producers of Love Alarm

In the first season of Love Alarm, it was produced by the award winning director Jae mon Lee. Lee is popular for his work in some of South Korea’s well-known drama series such as Signal and An Incomplete Life.

Is There an Upcoming Trailer for Love Alarm Season 2?

There is no trailer yet to be released for Love Alarm Season 2. Fans need to keep an eye out for this. We will update you K-drama fans as soon as there’s anything that pop out.

So, is there a huge possibility for the series to be renewed? The answer is a huge YES. Fans all over South Korea and even from outside the country should also take into consideration the length of time it takes to shoot the drama.

In the Season 1 of Love Alarm, it has only eight episodes and was announced in early 2017 but did not release until August this year. So, if fans were to guess, Love Alarm Season 2 will most likely have eight episodes as well and could be released by August [2021].