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The Penthouse 2 (Episode 11 Review)

19 / 100

Ju Dan Tae was arrested on charges of murder. This time he could hardly deny the crime!

Penthouse 2

Does this show constantly make good sense? No. However, damn is it a satisfying melodrama. This episode particularly is exceptionally enjoyable and also seeing Dan-Tae get his comeuppance after 2 periods of unscrupulous as well as defamation is definitely glorious.

In addition to that, every little thing this episode leads well into hills of evidence piled against him, with Yoon-Hee, Su-Ryeon and also Seo-Jin all forming a loose alliance to take this chairman down.

Penthouse 2

It seems the evidence is insurmountable now but it still stays to be seen whether Dan-Tae will stay behind bars. He seems way as well unsafe a personality for that to take place so unexpectedly but we’ll need to wait and see for now. After all, if he is taken to prison he might find himself one-on-one with Yoon-Cheol!

Penthouse 2

Seeing Ae-Gyo and Su-Ryeon switching places and comprehending more around what’s led them to this time is a wonderful touch. As a matter of fact, the entire episode layers on a whole number of reveals, consisting of Ro-Na still living and also Su-Ryeon helping her make it through while in the medical facility. There’s still a lot to unload but this episode has actually conveniently been the most effective of the season so far.

Penthouse 2

The sudden change when Seo-Jin exposed that she recognized who Ae-Gyo was all this time around is most likely the emphasis of the whole episode, although everything has actually carefully been put to lead up to this big reveal.

What on earth can the authors have planned for the last 2 episodes of The Penthouse season 2 ?! We’ll need to wait and see but judging by this, it’s most likely to be a must-watch!