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The Penthouse 2 (Episode 10) The dead woman finally revealed her true identity!!!

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The dead woman finally revealed her true identity!!!

The Penthouse 2 (Episode 10) The dead woman finally revealed her true identity!!! The Penthouse 2 (Episode 10) The dead woman finally revealed her true identity!!!

Episode 10 of Penthouse begins at the wedding event as Dan-Tae pulls the strings and does all the talking. Everybody comments on just how light Seo-Jin is but Dan-Tae ensures she continues to be quiet.

However, they’re disrupted by Kyu-Jin receiving a phone call from the police headquarters. Yoon-Cheol has actually been captured as well as arrested for Ro-Na’s murder. This, as it turns out, was Dan-Tae’s wedding gift to Seo-Jin.

Meanwhile, Eun-Byeol returns home and also learns that the wedding event went on after all. She’s anxious as well as clearly not of sane mind, yet when Seok-Hoon shows up, he’s escorted off the premises after seeing tips that Eun-Byeol has her memory back.

At the police headquarters, the janitor admits that Yoon-Cheol paid him off. As we quickly see, Secretary Jo was the one that roughed him up, requiring the man to confess to this. Also even worse Yoon-Cheol admits to the murder as well.

When Seo-Jin learns what he’s done, she’s shocked. In the washroom, Yoon-Hee appears as well as challenges Seo-Jin, playing her hand as well as revealing that she understands who really killed Ro-Na. Rattled, she returns residence and talks to Eun-Byeol, that certainly has her memories back.

It turns out she listened to a phone ring during the fateful moment on the stairwell and that’s what snapped her out of her trance. Eun-Byeol admits she hit Ro-Na in the shoulder not the head significance that another person struck the murder strike. Could it potentially coincide individual who pulled the plug in the hospital?

Back at Dan-Tae’s place, our Chairman talks with Ae-Gyo and also asks when she stopped cigarette smoking. Actually, he outright confesses that the girl is various to exactly how he keeps in mind. He examines her butterfly tattoo as well, yet every little thing appears to be in order.

Ae-Gyo rejects his advancements and tells Dan-Tae to have some restrictions. It’s immediately clear though he suspects something isn’t fairly right.

Back at the workplace, Dan-Tae goes one action further and also tells Seo-Jin this marriage is just the initial step. He’s discharged all the housemaids as well as currently he’s going to make Seo-Jin request for authorization to see Eun-Byeol. In addition to all that, he additionally wants the Medical Facility.

When Seo-Jin refuses, Dan-Tae gets the girl and takes her into his hidden area. With a whip in hand, he starts beating her. He throws over the papers regarding possession of the shares and also locks Seo-Jin in a cellar room, promising to just launch her when she signs.

Yoon-Hee arrives at the jail as well as turns over the divorce papers. She goes one step even more though and informs him that he’s in fact Ro-Na’s father as well. She informs him to ask forgiveness to Ro-Na for what he’s done as well as walks away.

At the same time, Logan meets Ae-Gyo outside Golden Real Estate while she’s attempting to protect Whole lot 27. She declines to do so as well as assures to damage any individual in her method. Just, words she uses advise him of Su-Ryeon. Ae-Gyo heads back to see Dan-Tae, showing off the locket as Ae-Gyo asks outright whether he killed her.

And also easily, we cut back in time and see Dan-Tae outside. His ringtone was the one overheard and also he saw Ro-Na bleeding out on the ground. At this moment the girl is still active, but Dan-Tae was the one to strike the murder strike. Assistant Jo deleted all the CCTV video while Dan-Tae set off the fire alarm.

Yoon-Hee hears Dan-Tae boasting regarding the fortunes he’s engulfed, lastly recognizing that he was the one that eliminated Ro-Na.

Seok-Kyung breaks Seo-Jin out of her prison, as Assistant Jo brings up a drugged as well as knocked senseless Dan-Tae to his bedroom. Seo-Jin ponders whether to kill him prior to hearing his ringtone. Currently, she also recognizes Dan-Tae as the one who killed Ro-Na. Examining his phone, Seo-Jin notices the call is from Ae-Gyo. Well, for now, she determines not to kill Dan-Tae, plainly getting ready for another thing.

The next day the bidding begins on Great deal 27. While this is marketed to Ae-Gyo for 50 million, Seo-Jin checks out the images from the Arts Center and understands that Dan-Tae’s tie, as well as a collar, are different in two of the pictures. On the back of this, she sounds Assistant Do as well as has him inspect the details.

After the big public auction, Logan comes close to Ae-Gyo as well as informs her she’s going to stay in guilt with what’s occurred to Su-Ryeon for the remainder of her life. When he walks away though, Ae-Gyo begins weeping.

Back home, Logan notices photos of Ae-Gyo, and also particularly Su-Ryeon’s locket which happens to be on her bag. Logan ruptured back right into the area as well as hugs Ae-Gyo, confessing that he knows she’s Su-Ryeon. Regrettably, while they embrace, steps technique and also ruptured into the area.

Back at the penthouse, Seok-Hoon takes Seo-Jin away as well as to the basement, where Yoon-hee is waiting for her. With each other, they make it to the lake where Seo-Jin pleads with Yoon-Hee to conserve her life. Particularly, she wants her help lowering Dan-Tae and finding out who Ro-Na’s actual killer is.

The Penthouse 2 (Episode 10) The dead woman finally revealed her true identity!!! The Penthouse 2 (Episode 10) The dead woman finally revealed her true identity!!!