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VINCENZO – More lives to die because of his malice! Episode 9

21 / 100

The Disgusting CEO kills people savagely to gain his own satisfaction!

Chairman Jang whines that Joon-woo should get rid of Jipuragi currently, but Joon-woo calls them his “competing companions.” Once he can totally defeat Vincenzo, he’ll do away with him.

On the other hand, Cha-young laments their loss, yet Vincenzo believes getting revenge for Kyung-ja suffices. They move onto their next phase: luring out the genuine head of Babel.

In the house that evening, Vincenzo ponders on what the doctor claimed. Kyung-ja was detected with late-stage lung cancer cells in 1993, the same year she left Vincenzo at the orphanage. Her health problem was astonishingly healed four years later without surgical treatment.

In the basement, the occupants have created little partnerships and also search the structure for gold. Group Leader Ahn also captures the monk’s searching, although they plan to contribute the cash to conserving youngsters, naturally. Upstairs, Vincenzo has a fight with a cooing pigeon, that he names Inzaghi (after the Italian soccer player), hanging out on his windowsill.

The next day, Myung-hee educates Joon-woo that Jong-moon is working with the prosecution. The district attorney accountable, Prosecutor Jung, examined Babel when Joon-woo’s daddy was chairman. He’s notoriously strong-willed and unmovable.


In the middle of their meeting, Jong-moon telephone calls Joon-woo with a bargain. If Joon-woo doesn’t eliminate him as well as pays him $30 million USD, he’ll disappear. If Joon-woo rejects, Jong-moon will subject Joon-woo’s identity and acts to the prosecution, including what he did to his papa. Joo-woo concurs, however, he’s obtained his angry face on.

At Jipuragi, the group looks over the authorities’ documents of Chairman Jang’s older bro Jang Han-seok that moved to the States 15 years earlier. He’s supposedly an artist, and nobody understands where he is now. There’s no record of him also returning for his dad’s funeral 2 years back.

After Cha-young go out alone to consult with Kyung-ja, Joo-sung sighs that inadequate Kyung-ja doesn’t have any type of family members. He aggravates Vincenzo with his ranting concerning just how youngsters nowadays are unfilial, so even if Kyung-ja had a kid, they most likely wouldn’t see her.

Kyung-ja rejoices to listen to that Min-seong got his comeuppance. Cha-young makes clear that Vincenzo did all the work and also is even paying Kyung-ja’s medical facility costs. Kyung-ja really feels embarrassed approving a lot from him.


Vincenzo gets here right as the doctor acquiesces to Kyung-ja’s insistence that she does not require discomfort medication. He obtains progressively upset as he upbraids the doctor for oversight, whines about the meals they’re offering her, as well as yells at Kyung-ja for not listening to the physician he’s been bashing. After he storms out, Cha-young says sorry on his behalf, however Kyung-ja grins that his anger on her part was the type of nice.

Although Babel has Shinkwang Rely on their side, the various other financial institutions still aren’t attacking thanks to Cha-young’s denunciation of Babel in journalism. Chairman Jang frustratedly raises eliminating Vincenzo as well as Cha-young once again, but Joon-woo won’t come across it.

While the Jipuragi team meets with the Babel victims’ family group, Chairman Jang as well as Wusang meets Chief Prosecutor Hwang and his sidekick. The district attorneys have no problem debating to Chairman Jang and also allow him to know that they will not hesitate to strike back if they feel disrespected.

Via Chairman Jang’s phone, Joon-woo listens in on the prosecutors’ undermining comments and also jeers that they don’t recognize their place. On the drive back, a van shrill to a stop before the prosecutors’ car. They’re both pulled out of the vehicle by concealed men with bats.


At Geumga Plaza, Cheol-wook and also Yeon-jin place two males breaking into Vincenzo’s home. They challenge them, and it seems all Cheol-wook’s boasts about his martial arts abilities weren’t full nonsense. But Yeon-jin steals the limelight when she power lifts one guy over her head and also drops him like a specialist weightlifter. The men take care of to leave after blinding the couple with pepper spray.

Somewhere else, Cha-young and also Vincenzo leave the restaurant with the Babel victims’ households. One lady grabs Vincenzo in a hug and also many thanks to him, which quickly turns into a team hug. A masked guy enjoys the happy team from his automobile.

Vincenzo goes down Cha-young off at her location, and also Cha-young promptly notifications impacts once she’s inside. A covered-up guy with hammer methods, and right as he will strike, his partner yells outdoors. Vincenzo goes into and also steps up to look after the enemy with the hammer.

Cha-young shots to chip in with her backscratcher, however Vincenzo gently moves her so he can manage it. He would certainly notice the men following them considering that they left the restaurant, so he’s plenty ready. When it’s apparent Vincenzo has the upper hand, the man tosses the hammer at Cha-young as well as runs out.

Vincenzo deals with Cha-young onto the couch as the hammer shatters via the home window. He most likely to follow them, yet Cha-young stops him. Now that the adrenaline has worn away, she sinks to the ground.


Somewhere else, Myung-hee and Attorney Han stand by nervously while Chairman Jang chastises the kidnapped prosecutors on Joon-woo’s orders. When Joon-woo walks in wearing his hockey headgear and also brings his stick, Chairman Jang brings in Myung-hee and also Lawyer Han to the side.

Joon-woo starts completely defeating the sidekick district attorney over the head, splattering the stunned onlookers in his blood. Chairman Jang flinches and drinks as Joon-woo rampages and then questions in singsong if the man is dead while poking his drab body.

Joon-woo then goes on to Chief District attorney Hwang and also claims his soccer-playing child is following. Chief Prosecutor Hwang asks Chairman Jang hysterically for his kid’s life while Chairman Jang enjoys it helplessly.

After he’s had his crazed fun, Joon-woo calmly cleans the blood off his hockey stick. Lawyer Han conceals behind the ever-composed Myung-hee. Joon-woo orders Chairman Jang to increase his individual safety because he’s Joon-woo’s “Achilles’ heel.”

Meanwhile, Cha-young is still shaken. She presumes Babel or Wusang was behind the attack, but Vincenzo thinks it was also careless. He fanatics her out with his informal talk of how they were likely just attempting to harm her– they’d have attempted to suffocate or stab her if they would certainly want her dead.


Vincenzo motivates her to stay with a pal tonight, so she telephones … to Vincenzo. He immediately refuses, but she can not get to anyone else. Vincenzo takes her to a hotel because she insists she’s not terrified.

There’s a moment in the automobile where he removes his seatbelt as well as leans toward her. Cha-young is all ready for some love, however rather he just leans across her to press open her door and send her on her way.

Inside, Cha-young can’t help yet check out something sinister in every face she passes, however the last straw is the man repairing the lock on her room’s door. Seeing all his unsafe tools, she stresses as well as goes running.

At home, Vincenzo thanks Cheol-wook and Yeon-jin– whose eyes are still pepper-sprayed shut– for running the burglars. The collected tenants think they need have been petty burglars if Cheol-wook might fight them, however Team Leader Ahn frets someone placed a hit out on Vincenzo.

Inside, Vincenzo hears loud cooing originating from his bedroom and also discovers Inzaghi as well as a good friend cooling after tearing apart his bedding. Unable to capture them, he cedes his space to the pigeons. Later that night, somebody knocks quickly on his door.

Cha-young invites herself in and also consumes his ramyeon. Because the pigeons claimed his room, Vincenzo allows Cha-young to sleep on the sofa while he sleeps on the living-room floor. He enables her to ask two, even more, Mafia-related inquiries.

She inquires about Mafia bosses, and also Vincenzo says not all are unsympathetic like in the media. He shares that his employer Fabio resembled a papa to him. Cha-young next asks if Vincenzo has ever before needed to administer Mafia justice himself.


Vincenzo looks uneasy as he exists that he’s never ever killed anyone– he’s simply an attorney. Cha-young appears eased as she states she thought so and also raves just how Vincenzo would not do that, even for the Mafia. It’s not that she’d cut connections with him if he had actually killed, but he’d seem far-off, like somebody “trapped in a mural.”

Cha-young thinks that would certainly be a depressing existence, yet Vincenzo claims he desires a life far from people. She assumes he does not intend to get harmed by others and also chuckles when he says he’s simply tired of people asking him for money. That evening, Vincenzo dreams of individuals he’s eliminated and also tortured.

The next early morning, Cha-young sees an article regarding Principal District attorney Hwang’s partner dying. Allegedly, District attorney Search engine optimization repelled a cliff while drunk. Vincenzo disregards the idea that it’s related to their burglaries– this death was too meticulous.

Over the morning meal, Joon-woo notices Chairman Jang’s anxious behavior and hunches he shocked him last evening. He points out that he’s sent out a person to Italy to do a check on Vincenzo and cautions that things have to go flawlessly from now on. Chairman Jang haltingly claims he has something to inform Joon-woo. Whatever it makes Joon-woo throw his glass versus the wall in craze.

Joon-woo video calls Cha-young from the office. He comments that her residence looks different, and afterward Vincenzo pops right into the structure. Cha-young nonchalantly states she rested at Vincenzo’s location and also hangs up amidst Joon-woo’s sputtering.

When Vincenzo heads out, he’s surprised to see Team Leader Ahn essentially waiting under his automobile. He acts all furtive and passes Vincenzo his contact details in case he remains in threat. Pfft, it is among those pop-up cards and has Team Leader Ahn’s face in the center of a heart.

Team Leader Ahn is sure Vincenzo has actually seen that he’s no plain cooking area assistant. He provides some recognizing winks as well as runs off … without delay falling on his face. Normally, Vincenzo is perplexed by this entire interaction.

Jipuragi concentrates its initiatives on individuals around Chairman Jang. Given the tightened safety and security, they’ll need to find a much more indirect means to get to the genuine boss. While Cha-young digs deeper into why Jong-moon is being protected by the prosecution, Vincenzo goes to meet Young-woon. The cyberpunks succeeded in obtaining Wang Shaolin’s (the commissioner of the gold area) biometrics, so their next step is abandoning Nanyak Holy place.

Vincenzo pays the monks a visit as well as is surprised to see Mi-ri there praying. Obviously, she’s converted to Buddhism. She leaves however prowls outside to be all ears while Vincenzo tries to persuade Monk Jeokha to move out. In spite of Vincenzo’s debates that it’s not secure right here, the monks are established to stay as well as defend Geumga Plaza.

At Wusang, Lawyer Han frets regarding just how far things have gone, however Myung-hee says they abandoned to the dark side long ago. Joon-woo intrudes and also asks Myung-hee to communicate a message to Chief Prosecutor Hwang. Cut to district attorneys swarming Taesan Bank with their legendary blue boxes.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer Park as well as his decreased team attempt to rebuild with the little they have left. They move into a vacant system in Geumga Plaza and rebrand as a holiday company. The tenants aren’t delighted, but they have much more pressing matters.

They hold a meeting where they decide to hunt for the gold with each other and split what they locate. The renters differ on whether the gold ought to be split uniformly, but they don’t want to ask Jipuragi since that would certainly indicate allowing 3 even more people in on their witch hunt.

The Jipuragi group watches a report on two bank head of states being arrested, and also Vincenzo assembles that Babel killed Prosecutor Seo as a threat to Chief Prosecutor Hwang. Cha-young gets a telephone call from District attorney Jung, so she and Vincenzo go out to fulfill him.

A follower of their Babel situation job, Prosecutor Jung excitedly shares his uncertainties that Jong-moon is meaning to strike a deal with Babel. When Vincenzo explains that Chairman Jang is a decoy employer, District attorney Jung recalls Jong-moon’s remarks regarding “those jerks” not valuing the former chairman also in death.

They put together that Jong-moon was describing both boys, as well as Prosecutor Jung realizes Jong-moon’s call to a heater phone should’ve been to the real employer who is likely Chairman Jang’s older bro. Sadly for Cha-young and also Vincenzo, District Attorney Jung is extremely straightlaced and also will not delight their even more innovative techniques.

In your home, Joon-woo looks at the picture among his spies sent out of Cha-young, Vincenzo, and District attorney Jung conference. Chairman Jang flounces in quite pleased with himself as well as offers a document to Joon-woo. It appears like Babel obtained an American backer and also a companion for RDU-90 production. And also currently, both banks that were explored have actually bought Babel.

To make points even worse, Prosecutor Jung calls and states Jong-moon is refuting everything which means he’s sided with Babel. Out of options, Prosecutor Jung agrees to Jipuragi’s less-than-legal idea. They’ll claim to be assassins from Babel to obtain what they require out of Jong-moon.

When they get to the safehouse that night, the cop’s guards as well as Jong-moon are currently dead. As if that weren’t enough, Cha-young obtains a worrisome message from one of the victims excusing the rash strategy they’re about to pass. We reduced to a van parked in a red field.

That evening, Myung-hee stuffs her face in her workplace, Attorney Han methods his golf swing, Chairman Jang has fun with his new gun, and also Joon-woo dancings alone to his own awesomeness. In the early hrs of the morning, Vincenzo as well as Cha-young thrill to the field. Every person in the van is dead.