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Top 5 Korean Dramas this April!

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April has come and gone in the blink of an eye!

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Though we had to say goodbye to some of our favorite shows, we also welcomed new ones that kept us on the edge of our seats. Without further ado, here are the top five shows Viki fans have been watching this month:


“River Where the Moon Rises”

River Where the Moon Rises

“River Where the Moon Rises” retells the love story between the classic Goguryeo folktale characters Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) and On Dal (Na In Woo). Born a princess, Pyeonggang doubles as the assassin Yeom Ga Jin and dreams of becoming the first female to lead Goguryeo. On Dal is a gentle, pure-hearted man who gives his heart to Pyeonggang and even goes against his peace-loving principles in order to protect her. The drama follows Pyeonggang and On Dal’s pure romance and the princess’s epic journey to restore the kingdom to its former glory.


Top 5 Korean Dramas this April!

Mouse” is the drama that marks Lee Seung Gi’s highly-anticipated return to acting since his 2019 drama “Vagabond.” The dark mystery-thriller tells the story about an innocent and upright police officer named Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) and a hardened detective named Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) who believes in nothing but revenge against the serial killer who murdered his parents. The two team up to track down an evil psychopathic serial killer and begin a quest to understand how psychopathic behaviors develop.

“Kingdom: Legendary War”


The long-awaited male version of Mnet’s “Queendom” is finally here and already creating lots of buzz! In this competition variety program, popular boy groups BTOB, iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ go head-to-head to win the throne as performance kings. Not only will you be blown away by the top-notch stages, but you’ll also find yourself laughing your heart out at the hilarious interactions between the teams. All six groups bring immense talent and passion, but the throne only accepts one team. So which group will emerge as the king?

“Beyond Evil”

Beyond evil

“Beyond Evil” is a psychological thriller starring Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun as two men who are willing to break the rules and the law in their pursuit of a serial killer. Once an up-and-coming police force ace, Lee Dong Shik came across a serial murder case that turned his life upside down. 20 years later, he lives a dull life of carrying out menial tasks at a small police station with secrets hidden away deep inside of him. Young rising-star detective Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo) joins the police station with a secret of his own, and they form an alliance to get to the bottom of the serial murders that have started again after 20 years.

“Sell Your Haunted House”

Sell Your Haunted House

The following are all keywords that describe “Sell Your Haunted House”: romance, vengeful spirits, real estate, and comedy. It may sound like an unlikely mixture of words, but “Sell Your Haunted House” really delivers all of these themes at once!

The two main characters both specialize in exorcism—except one of them is a fraud. Jang Nara stars as Hong Ji Ah, a hot-tempered exorcist and the boss of Daebak Real Estate. On the other hand, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa plays Oh In Bum, a conman who doesn’t believe in ghosts but pretends to be an exorcist to make a living. Together, they team up to exorcise ghosts and evil auras from haunted properties so they can be sold at market value.