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Strangers From Hell [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

87 / 100

Strangers from hell might have a creepy yet interesting sound to all of you, but aside from that we cannot set aside the fact that this series will surely be a big hit since it is already creating traffics on social media

Strangers from hell kdrama

The Korean drama which is based on the popular horror thrilled Webtoon is about an aspiring young novelist who lived in a small town for all of his life but got a job at a small office in Seoul.

He moved out of the town to Seoul and stays in a cheap apartment filled with weird and suspicious people he doesn’t like. There, he shares its kitchen and bathroom with the strange residents.

He faces suspicious incidents, weird instances that made him dislike his neighborhood. While finding himself, he found himself trapped in an uneasy situation and we’ll never know how he’d take it in.

OCN revealed and confirmed Im Si Wan as the main actor. Strangers from Hell is directed by Lee Chang Hee, which currently have 10 episodes and will premiere on August 31, [2022] at 10:30 P.M KST. This drama is also called “Hell is other People” and “Others Are Hell”.

This is an adaptation of a Webtoon written and illustrated by Kim Yong-ki boasting over 800 million views and ranked number one Webtoon for thirty-nine weeks.

Strangers from hell review

This mystery thriller drama entitled Strangers from the hell is Im Si -Wan’s (Yoon Jong -Woo) first acting role after being discharged from the South Korean military on March 27, [2022], and the first script reading happened in April of [2022] in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

ImSi-Wan immediately said yes to the drama because a fan of the original Webtoon and he said that the story was refreshing at a quick pace. This is definitely a comeback project for the 23-year-old actor.

Furthermore, OCN is confident of Lee Dong Wook’s first project with them because of his remarkable story record. They got a perfect casting with his delicate acting and immersing expression. As such, expanding his drama portfolio and reminiscent of his role in Goblin as the Grimm Reaper. This is role is definitely perfect for him.

Many fans are curious to see both the main actors’ chemistry in this horror drama. A lot of them are patiently waiting for something good to happen. A lot of twists will definitely keep the fans and the drama going.

Character Description

  • Im Si-Wan – Yoon Jong-Woo – the main character is an aspiring young novelist who moved out from an old town to Seoul not knowing that he will face peculiar.
  • Lee Dong-Wook – Seo Moon-Zo – the character in room 203 who is a good-looking mysterious dentist who Yoon Jong-Woo finds somewhat between uncomfortable and helpful.
  • Lee Jung-Eun – Eom Bok-Soon – the owner of the apartment who seems to be hiding something.
  • Lee Hyun-Wook – Yoo Ki-Hyeok – a scary resident next to Yoon Jong-Woo dorm who first conversed with him.
  • Park Jong-Hwan – Byeon Deuk-Jong – a crazy ill-tempered resident who has instability. He looks fine on the outside but wicked in the inside.
  •  Lee Joong-Ok – Hong Nam-Bok – a smelly weird resident who looks intently at Yoon Jong-Woo during his first day.
  • Hyun Bong-Sik – An Hee-Joong
  • Kim Ji-Eun – Min Ji-Eun
  • Ahn Eun-Jin – So Jung-Hwa
  • Kim Han-Jong – Park Byeong-Min
  • Song Wook-Kyung – Cha Sung-Ryeol
  • Cha Rae-Hyoung
  • Song Yoo-Hyun

The Strangers from the hell will be aired soon and more and more people can’t wait to see how this mystery thriller horror drama will spike their daily watching habit.

Will it be more likely the same and verbatim from the Webtoon? Or will it spill out twists and turns for the watchers to spin around their couches while watching? We have how many days to go to find it out.

The first project of Im Si-Wan after being discharged from the South Korean military and Lee Dong-Wook ‘s first project with OCN “Strangers from Hell” will be aired on August 30, [2022].

Strangers From Hell [2022] Trailer

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