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House of Hummingbird [2022] Korean Movie Reviewed

83 / 100

House of hummingbird is a well-talked Korean movie of the year and online people have shared their excitement towards it.

Park Ji-Hu plays the main character Eun-Hee who is a middle school student in this 2018 South Korean drama film written and directed by Kim Bora.

Set against the backdrop rapidly rising Seoul in 1994, Eun-Hee was an adolescent who belongs to a working-class family yet dysfunctional. His father was very strict and her mother was a very distracted one.

Quarrels between her parents were just a norm. She had a brother, although hardworking but often violent and abusive.

house of hummingbird review

Her sister was a trouble-maker and rebellious. She was deprived of attention and love from her family.

There is no harmony at home and she just tended to her own needs. She preferred doing sketches rather than engaging with class readings. She somehow found comfort with her best friend Ji-Suk (Park Seo-Yoon).

But even with the company of Ji-Suk, she continually looked for love and purpose elsewhere away from her family. She was seeking a connection.

The film tackled the struggles of an adolescent, the anxiety, the peer pressure and the longing to be with someone. Park Ji-Hu effectively played the role of a timid teenager with a powerful sense of longing you could very well see it through her eyes.

Eun-Hee was even voted as “top delinquent” in a class poll. She went with her friends who conveniently skipped school to shoplift and when the situation goes bitterly against them, Eun-Hee found herself repeatedly abandoned by her so-called friends and betrayed. Emotionally neglected Eun-Hee simply turned a blind eye when her brother physically abused her.

The film also showed how the abuse had become so familiar that is was also happening with her sister and considered common with her friends.

House of Hummingbird Review / 벌새

house of hummingbird korean movie

Eun-Hee showed and affecting portrait of teenage uncertainty and insecurity. Her search for intimacy bloated as she experimented it first, with Jiwan (Jeong Yunseo) a boy from another school, and later, with same-sex, a shy girl in her class Yuri (Seol Hyein). The film intimately showed Eun-Hee’s budding sexuality in a not-vulgar manner and focused on the innocence of stolen kisses and peerless pains of early-life heartbreaks.

Death in the family also added pressure in facing life’s challenges for Eun-Hee. More so, she was sent to the doctor alone on the heels of a major health scare. It was really difficult when no one beside her can understand her.

With all these happening with Eun-Hee, a new character stepped into the foreground. Young-Ji played by Kim Sae-Byuk, was a teacher who took over her cram school class and eventually had become her mentor.

Young-Ji had become the first adult who finally listens to Eun-Hee. Though there was nothing great lesson nor a life-changing moral that Young-Ji imparted with Eun-Hee, she taught her positivity, that life is actually worth living and things will get better.

Eun-Hee found a temporary haven while spending time with someone who truly listened to her, and understood her. The film also showed a unique camaraderie between Eun-Hee and Young-Ji. It was a pleasure watching them together.

The House of Hummingbird film is about a life marked by the tragedy that succeeds because of it. It is like keeping a scar for the rest of your life, accepting, loving and embracing that scar is a part of your life.

You might be intringued with the title so let’s all find out why!


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