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“You Raise Me Up” New Korean Comedy Drama this Summer 2021!

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Yoon Shi Yoon, EXID’s Hani, as well as Park Ki Woong have actually been verified to star in the initial wavve drama “You Raise Me Up”.

Yoon Shi Yoon

“You Raise Me Up” is a comedy-drama that surrounds Do Yong Shik, that is experiencing decreased sex drive in his 30s, as he reunites with his puppy love Lee Ru Da, that is his urologist. The dramatization will certainly be written by Mo Ji Hye, directed by Kim Jung Han, and have a total amount of eight episodes.

Yoon Shi Yoon will certainly be taking on the role of 31-year-old Do Yong Shik, that is planning for his civil service exam. Not just has he gain weight while examining for the exam, yet he likewise needs to obtain treated by a urologist. Nevertheless, he despairs when he satisfies his medical professional, that is his puppy love. Among the focal points of the drama will certainly be viewing Do Yong Shik overcome his shame to reconstruct his dropped self-esteem. Already, customers are eagerly anticipating Yoon Shi Yoon’s efficiency because he has actually handled different categories of dramatization and appeared on a variety of programs in the past.

Hani will certainly be playing the urologist Lee Ru Da. Having exceptional visuals and coming to develop a wealthy household, the only issue she has is her brash boyfriend. In order to bring him down a notch, she extolled her outstanding puppy love. Nevertheless, when Lee Ru Da reunites with him at the health center, he is not the individual he used to be. In order to save face, she starts a mission to aid him to raise his self-worth. This will be Hani’s second task with wave following her operate in “SF8.”.

Park Ki Woong is starring in a brand-new drama for the very first time in one year considering that wavve’s initial drama “Kkondae Trainee.” He will certainly be starring as Lee Ru Da’s problematic partner Do Ji Hyuk, a psychoanalyst that runs a psychological counseling facility in the exact same structure as Lee Ru Da. He was birthed from an abundant household, is a private practice medical professional, as well as has flawless visuals, making him a man who seems to have whatever. The only trouble is that he’s additionally too knowledgeable about these truths. Getting high on his appeals, he has an ability for making his partner mad. Viewers are excited to see Park Ki Woong’s makeover in the upcoming drama.

A resource from Studio S, which will certainly be in charge of the manufacturing, shared, “The bubbly and sexy story will portray the bright and sexy growth of the youth who confidently stand up to become the main characters of love and their lives. Please show lots of interest in ‘You Raise Me Up,’ which will be exclusively released via wavve this summer.”.

“You Raise Me Up” has lately started shooting, and also it will certainly be launched in summer 2021.