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Premiere Review for New Korean Drama “Sell Your Haunted House”!

15 / 100

If you really feel a spooky existence inside your house or intend to offer a haunted property, it’s time to ask for aid from Daebak Real Estate.

It is a real estate firm that purges resentful spirits from individuals’ residential properties for a tiny payment and is run by Jang Na-ra (Oh My Baby) as Hong Ji-ah as well as CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa (The Package) as Oh In-beom. Sell Your Haunted House is a horror comedy-drama concerning a real estate agent that purges spirits for a living as well as a fraudulence exorcist who establishes phony apparitions inside residential or commercial properties to rip off individuals for money. The two ultimately cross courses and choose to collaborate.

Jang Na-ra
Jang Na-ra as Hong Ji-ah

Truthfully, nothing about the trailer or the summary of this show stimulated my interest, yet I was drawn to Jang’s personality Ji-ah, the Chief Executive Officer of Daebak Real Estate, that made me want to give the best an opportunity. From the early years of breakable female leads who constantly needed the male results in come to conserve them, we have involved the glorious age of the badass lady leads who not just debate however likewise fight literally. Gone are the days where women leads have to be forgiving, understanding, and also fake smiling.

These were exactly my expectations from Jang Na-ra’s character and fortunately, she provided. Hong Ji-ah would gladly take anybody on a sparring session without needing to keep back, her grim expression intact. And that’s simply among things that delight me when enjoying dramas with encouraged, nonconforming female personalities– more scenes of women placing arrogant guys in their locations. And also, it’s Jang Na-ra– the last empress as well as the scorned VIP female– as well as I only have high assumptions from an actress of her caliber.

Jung Yong-hwa

Jung Yong-hwa as Oh In-beom

On the other hand, Jung Yong-hwa appears like an excellent choice to play the conman In-beom. As Jang’s leading guy as well as soon-to-be love interest in the tale, Jung has what it takes to level with Jang’s frustrating display existence. Market Your Haunted House is also the singer-turned-actor’s drama comeback after a respite from acting due to his military enlistment. To be coupled with one of the brightest celebrities in South Korea could be a turning point in his acting career– if he executes well. As well as essentially, Jung does well, although she was eclipsed by the leading woman in their scenes with each other.

For a dramatization of the enigma category to be successful, customers require to be interested about the missing piece in the challenge sufficient to maintain adjusting in. The good news is the dramatization was able to click right from the bat. The opening episodes and also the premise is fascinating, as well as I’m even intrigued by a possible love between the leads. Although, I hope they do not focus a lot on the romance that they fall short to establish the main tale– their driving narrative. In the meantime, this show’s leads are disappointing on-screen sparks, but it’s too soon to provide any viewpoints in the romance division yet.

Haunted House

In regards to the story, Offer Your Haunted Residence is no exception to obtaining ideas from various other dramatization. Every little thing regarding it howled Hotel Del Luna (2019 )– from Ji-ah’s spending routines, her obnoxious character, short temper, and also being the CEO of an establishment with an unfortunate past that mainly involves the fatality of a liked one. Even the songs and the ambiance advised me a great deal of Hotel Del Luna, however I’m not complaining. Mainly due to the fact that Jang pulled off her character as well as made it her own. I particularly like how she chooses to execute her character’s individuality– strong adequate and without the cringey overestimation I usually see in various other Korean collection.

It seems that every episode will certainly feature a various instance of fatality and also haunted residential properties, yet the major narrative fixate a murder secret that occurred 20 years earlier, connecting Ji-ah and also In-beom’s fate together. As an exorcist, Ji-ah requirements a psychic to work as her medium in order to purge the spirits, but none of her psychics are solid sufficient to be a vessel. This is particularly real for Ji-ah’s mom, a powerful spirit who appears to nag at Ji-ah’s spontaneous purchasing behaviors. In-beom after that comes into the picture as well as partner with Ji-ah, but also he is no suit for her mom’s rage. A lot of backstories are still waiting to be informed in the coming episodes for us to find out the whole secret, but one thing is certain: Ji-ah’s mom and also In-beom’s uncle were eliminated in the precise very same area– in Ji-ah’s house.

Haunted House

After watching the premiere episodes, I think we have one more appealing dramatization on air. Maybe it’s since there are so many details that the series is fast-paced sufficient to be satisfying as well as interesting. In addition, Ji-ah’s activity scenes are simply as well excellent to watch. Integrated with the trickster In-beom, they make a great ghost-busting team– as long as In-beom does not con Ji-ah, that has a horrible mood. I advise that you enjoy it, as well. It would certainly be an embarassment to lose out on Jang Na-ra kicking butts of both the living and the dead.