The 7 Best List of Unforgettable Korean Dramas 2020 Updated

Unforgettable Korean dramas are well known to be so quite different at all, due to their beautiful landscapes and iconic acts. They were perfectly combined with romance excitement no matter what the genre is.

These dramas carried out their name in the industry, storyline and authentic styles that can catch the frolicsome hearts of their audiences. Perhaps, viewers are sharing good moments with their loved ones upon watching these dramas.

So I tell you, they aren’t easy to forget after all. Below are the Unforgettable Korean Dramas around the world, in random genres we begin with…

The Best 7 List of Unforgettable Korean Dramas So Far 2020

1. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

unforgettable Korean dramasThis story centers the immortal goblin Kim Shin, a protector of souls wants to end his immortality while ransacking the terrain, he is looking for a bride that will end up his immortality.

After a long time, he meets a Hugh school girl who can see dead and has already due to tragic things before.

She claims to be the bride but it was an uneasy task as they fall into indemnified love. One of Great Series of unforgettable Korean Drama.

This is such a fantastic drama that will teach you a lesson in life that the Almighty controls everything in the form of love.

2. Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun 2016One of Best Unforgettable Korean Drama in the history. A beautiful love story between Yoo Si Jin or aka the big boss and handles the Korean Special Forces and Dr. Kang MoYeon, both are destined to face dangers, troubles, and complications due to their promise profession.

The army is to kill and the Doctor is to save lives.

This drama showered the soft pillows of Fans during bedtime, as it was filled if some tearful moments that will touch your heart and close your eyes.

3. Signal 2016

signal 2016A South Korean police inspired drama series to real-life criminal incidents in South Korea, one of them is the Hwaseong serial murders. While walking on the road, saying to her school a female child was kidnapped by unknown culprits and a school student named Park Hae Yeong witnessed the full incident.

She was later found dead a few days ago. After fifteen years Hae Yeong became a police officer, his desire to solve mystery cases was granted as he found a subtle walkie – talkie that allows him to communicate and to keep in touch with Detective Lee Jae Han from the past.

Then they associated with one another with Police Cha So Hyun then started a journey solving unregarded cases. This drama will Tucker you brain cells once you started it, make sure not to miss any episodes.

4. I Remember You

i remember you 2015A lustrous eye psychologist IR the so-called genius Profiler named Lee Hyun returns home to Korean and tries to solve unregarded cases and phenomenal wonders.

He worked with the management of Cha Ji An who is an excellent detective. While in the serious moments of their duties Lee Hyun unintentionally fell in love with his fellow.

Even this drama shows a little bit of romance still, it was blended with superb scenes graphics.

5.I Hear Your Voice / I Can Hear Your Voice

I Hear Your Voice 2013

This drama is focusing on Jang Hye Sung, who became an attorney after overcoming all odds into his life before. A very sharp-tongued attorney if you’ll define her performance. Her life changed when she meets a 13-year-old boy named Park Soo-ha that has a supernatural ability to read Ines thoughts.

He acquires this ability after seeing his father murdered last 10 years ago. This drama is perfectly suitable for beginners considering the perfect combination of and balance flow of genres.

It’s okay, that’s love – A love story between a writer and radio DJ who suffers from schizophrenia and a psychiatrist at the University Hospital Ji Hae – Soo, she chose the field of psychology because of fear in surgery.

Their life changes when they meet together. You must watch this drama if you are eyeing for the perfect combination of medicine and writing and to know more about it.

6. While you were Sleeping

while you were sleeping 2017This drama is a fusion of fantasy and legal drama that talks about a young woman that has an ability to see accidents and happenings in the future.

Troubled by these dreams, a young prosecutor tends to stop these from coming true.

This is balanced of romance, funny excitements, and a thriller. So whether you like about these genres, this is highly recommended.

7. W – Deobeuryu

w deobeuryu 2016This actually inspired by a fictional Webtoon W, rendering the two worlds the real and webtoon or W world, it can be also called the virtual world.

It is a love story between two couples in the same era but in different worlds. Kang Chul is a super-rich man, but only exists in W world and Yeon Yoon a surgeon in the real world.

They both experience romance with each other, but how they could manage to do that? Well, that’s so pretty difficult, isn’t it? Storylines are quite different from others because you can see actual killings in some scenarios upon reaching the middle of this series.

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