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Sisyphus The Myth and Its Promising Cast

22 / 100

Despite time-travel dramatization not finding much success with both target market and also movie critics, K-drama authors appear enamored with the concept.

Sisyphus The Myth

Most of the time, a shoddily looked into plot only has the bare minimum of time travel mechanics attached to it, without any descriptions, while the emphasis is on developing romance and also unrealistic bad guys. The first buzz for Sisyphus: The Myth as well as its encouraging cast led me to think that this show could be various, yet all my expectations were dashed by the poor writing and also efficiencies.

In my viewpoint, there are two things that can make a time travel drama job. First, if the time-traveling aspects are utilized simply as a story device without spending excessive right into the mechanics of it, the means Signal (2016) did it. The second way it can be done right is by really devoting to discovering the time travel mechanics, developing lore, investing in world-building, as well as staying with the guidelines of the fantasy world. Sisyphus begins by trying to do the former, but by the time we reach the end of the tale, the policies have been rewritten, bent, as well as turned to reach an unfulfilling resolution.

Sisyphus The Myth

Sisyphus: The Myth is narrated in two timelines– the future that has been ruined by battle and does not have sources, and the present timeline that Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye) has actually traveled to, in order to quit Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo) from producing a time device. The future timeline shows the after-effects of nuclear battle and includes some actually great set pieces that draw the visitor in, within the first few episodes, a minimum of. This is in contrast to the here and now timeline where all is well and destruction has actually not yet taken root. These timelines also have a cause-effect connection that is explored throughout the series.

After staying with these 2 timelines for most of the program, a multiple timelines theory is unexpectedly tossed at the viewers in the finale episodes, which was neither fascinating nor enjoyable to enjoy. An abrupt plot twist fixing all the problems of our leads, eliminating an interesting and also awesome villain quickly, really felt more like a cop-out than a well thought-out or well-written facet of the story. The strange warped creatures that came from the future and developed Sigma’s army did not even receive a reference and also were decreased to reveal items. Also in the final moments, the tale regularly altered as well as changed its very own policies multiple frustrating times.

Sisyphus The Myth

An additional point that originally drew me to this program was that the female lead (Park Shin-hye) was the guard while the male lead (Cho Seung-woo) was the brains that needed protection. Nonetheless, that formula hardly lasted before the authors turned it into a platitudinal love arc that we can entirely have actually done without. To make issues worse, Cho and Park had about as much chemistry as a fork as well as a knife. They kiss possibly two times in the show and also that fell short to pull in any kind of response from audiences. Directly, the scenes of them interacting on their missions were definitely extra enjoyable than the romantic arc.

Regardless of my low expectation while beginning the program, I had expected that the cast would certainly not disappoint me. Nevertheless, also a star of Cho Seung-woo’s quality was a major dissatisfaction. He continuously appeared out of his deepness– overacting in some scenes while underacting in others. I’m never impressed with Park Shin-hye in the acting division, despite category, however one point I such as a lot was that she did justice to all her action scenes. They did not look unrealistic or feeble and also had her putting in just the correct amount of power. Nonetheless, when it concerned enchanting or psychological scenes, Park stumbled.

Chae Jong-hyup’s Sunlight had the possibility to come to be a really fascinating personality, had he been contacted by anything more than a puppy trailing behind Park Shin-hye. The young newbie actor was fantastic in his scenes but had generally nothing to do in the program yet ache after a truthfully inexplicable crush. Tae In-ho’s Swirl Kim, which I originally thought would certainly play a bigger role in the program as an ethically grey personality, was criminally under-utilized. Sung Dong-il went to his sarcastic best, but even he really did not imitate he was completely persuaded by the story he was in.

Sisyphus The Myth

Acting-wise, the only saving grace of the program was Kim Byung-chul as Sigma. His role was promoted as a unique look, however, he pretty much took the whole show from Episode 8 onwards, providing a disturbing and also uncertain vibe that the program was missing out on. Regardless of Kim’s fantastic proving as the unhitched mastermind, his backstory eliminated the enigma that made him an awesome villain. Occasionally, it felt that the writers recompensed as well as overexplained his story, which removed the mystery element and rendered him weak. I additionally enjoyed Jung Hye-in’s strange turn as Seo-jin, Kim Jong-tae as Kang Dong-ki as well as Seo-hae’s papa, and lastly, a riveting Go Yoon as Jung Hyun-gi..

The sci-fi facet of the show might have produced a fascinating story even in spite of the scientific technicalities in the story however experienced the very same downsides most dramatization of this style do. The tone of the program altered as well substantially from secret to actual threat to charming to amusing. It broke whatever tension the previous episodes had developed and made the threats and also the bad guys really feel way less harmful than they might have been. The story loses focus on the thrill consider the support of inserting an unnecessary romance arc, complete with scenes of Park Shin-hye and Cho Seung-woo having theme park days that felt like huge wastes of screen time.

Sisyphus The Myth

Nevertheless, our major personalities have gone through, the finale episode simply seems careless. Despite Tae-sul costs a huge part of the program stressing concerning his older sibling, he seems to have forgotten about that by the end. The few neglected side personalities are generated as the last resort for unneeded final stress. Lastly, the happy-ending coda we get with Tae-sul as well as Seo-hae in the exact same aircraft we fulfilled Tae-sul in for the first time discovered as unimaginative. I would still have actually been content to write it off as a timeless cliched finishing had the program not included an additional last-minute surprise concerning the villain, which simply made the tale perplexing once more..

Overall, Sisyphus: The Myth began with a fascinating story that had the possibility to subvert and also alter the moment traveling K-drama landscape. However, it fell into the exact same risks– overexplaining and after that underexplaining the moment travel auto mechanics, too much concentration on the love arc, lack of authentic backstory and also chemistry in between the leads, as well as a completely ludicrous as well as rushed finishing that discussed absolutely nothing. If absolutely nothing else, this program made my derision of time traveling dramas more powerful, as well as for that, I’ll provide it one celebrity.