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Taxi Driver KDrama Lee Je-hoon Taking Revenge

19 / 100

Taxi driver centers on a personal taxi firm called Rainbow Taxi Company that runs a mysterious below ground procedure– taking revenge on behalf of their customers, who often tend to be mistreated and abused. It resembles calling a hotline to place an order, yet rather than chicken and dessert, the customers are offered cold revenge on the home plate of their abuser’s downfall.


I’m possibly not overemphasizing when I claim that I was past excited for Lee Je-hoon’s drama comeback following his last starring duty in Where Stars Land (2018) 3 years back. His new dramatization is added special with its dark hero motif, thrilling activity scenes, and nerve-wracking action series. I might really feel every follower’s anticipation prior to the premiere, particularly since Lee Je-hoon’s last criminal offense thriller Signal (2016) was both a neighborhood and also global hit. That show is attributed to making a mark on every cast member’s profession, especially Lee’s, and I can’t wait to see where an additional criminal activity thriller takes him.

Taxi Driver

Lee Je-hoon as Kim Do-gi

Lee takes the spotlight as Kim Do-gi, the operation’s primary representative who hunts down criminals. While carrying out his goals, he is sustained by a group including competent cyberpunk Ahn Go-eun (Pyo Ye-jin) that acts as his eyes and also ears while on the road, Choi Kyung-goo (Jang Hyuk-jin), and also Park Jin-eon (Bae Yoo-ram) as the designer duo accountable of his taxi’s maintenance and also prepare every little thing in advance, and Jang Sung-Chul (Kim Eui-Sung) as Rainbow Taxi Business’s ruthless Chief Executive Officer that gives out the revenge goals.

While the concept of Taxi Driver is not totally brand-new, the approach is revitalizing– there is something unique about a business that satisfies orders for revenge. The film writers have efficiently made this principle the story’s backbone.

As a former special forces police officer, Do-gi goes to the facility of every mission, provided his battling abilities, thorough driving, and quick decision-making abilities. Unlike various other anti-hero personalities that attempt to justify their misdeeds, Do-gi does not consider himself brave and righteous. Instead, he welcomes his dark side that is bloodthirsty for any kind of type of revenge that he can get his hands on. By the second episode, we see that his bloodthirst is motivated by his very own mom’s harsh murder. This drives him to blind heroism, masked by the intention to avenge those ignored by the regulation as well as society.

Taxi Driver

Kim Eui-sung as Jang Sung-chul

Do-gi sees his mom’s killer in every abuser he chases after, which gas his rage much more. Whenever he asks lawbreakers their objectives behind their criminal activities, it’s as if Do-gi is checking into the eyes of his mother’s awesome, asking why his mom was killed. Chief Executive Officer Sung-Chul seems to be familiar with this and also exploits Do-gi’s deep-rooted temper to put his strategies right into action.

Sung-Chul wishes to change the society that prefers the rich and also influential and turns away the poor as well as the weak. From his viewpoint, it’s an honorable legacy, and Sung-Chul has no trouble getting anybody on board. Whether Do-gi recognizes Sung-Chul’s exploitation is still unknown, in addition to the other characters’ reasons for signing up with Sung-Chul’s vigilante operation.

Lee Je-hoon as Do-gi is quiet as well as strange, avoiding speaking to the passengers as well as restricting his interactions with the various other characters too, so it is hard to handle his individuality. Lee’s deep voice intensifies the enigma surrounding Do-gi to produce an immaculately silent, brooding, as well as incredibly uncertain personality. It is to the level that I can not see anyone else playing Do-gi. For the main personality, he sure has minimal lines than his co-stars, however, his screen time, as well as breathtaking action scenes, make up for it, along with the dark sunglasses as well as elegant coats he sports whenever he takes place an objective.

Taxi Driver

Esom as Kang Ha-na

While Do-gi and his rogue team operate on the dark side of the legislation, there is an additional character who narrates the noticeable and legal side of justice-chasing– the attorneys, district attorneys, and also the police. Kang Ha-na (Esom) is an elite prosecutor who is as solid and also justice-hungry as Do-gi. She is the only one that takes care of to keep up with Rainbow Taxi Firm, quickly latching on to the team’s activities in spite of their best shots to misguide as well as confusing. Her initial eventful experience with Do-gi verifies to be a critical scene, so I’m guessing the screenwriters have some interesting cards to draw from their sleeves when it comes to the two of them. It stays to be seen if they will certainly sign up with hands as allies or be at each other’s throats as adversaries.

I recognize I have actually waxed significant about Lee Je-hoon’s acting skills, yet I can not stress what an excellent job the production did by casting him. He can carry the whole program by himself with his few lines– that’s just how outstanding he is. In one throwback scene, he stood silently in the midst of a rowdy group behind the cops with his eyes dead set on the man who took his mother’s life. He did not state anything, yet I could feel his pain from restraining himself from attacking the criminal like a wild beast. No lines, no activities, just pure psychological acting. When he finally grants himself the freedom to attack by disarming the police officers, his eyes were so packed with the craze that any person can feel it via the screen.

Taxi Driver

The first week of Cabby features an encouraging storyline, appealing crime narratives, a creative expedition of anti-hero characters, fast-paced execution, and a superb cast. It was able to deliver home entertainment to hype up the main plot, something that not all thriller dramatization can efficiently do. Fingers crossed the next episodes will certainly be as remarkable as the best!