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2021 ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’ subverts expectations through a promising mystery and a badass female lead

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Over the last couple of years, the trope of time traveling has actually reigned supreme in thriller K-dramas. It started with Signal (2016) and proceeded with programs like Tunnel (2017 ), Alice (2020 ), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020 ), Kairos (2020 ), and Train (2020 ), among others. Regardless of the appeal of the Train, nevertheless, time travel dramatization has generally fallen short to prosper on matters of intelligent writing and sensible plots. My expectations of them are honestly not that high.

Nonetheless, I could not stand up to adjusting right into Sisyphus: The Myth, with veterans Cho Seung-woo and also Park Shin-hye starring together for the very first time. In addition to being the normal time-traveling sci-fi thriller, this set uses the Greek myth of Sisyphus to showcase a dystopian future. To top it off, PD Jin Hyuk of City Hunter (2011) and also The Master’s Sun (2013) popularity goes to the helm, along with giants like Sung Dong-il and also Tae In-ho generally actors. Obviously, my interest was stimulated.

A promising mystery and a badass female lead 2021 ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’ subverts expectations

The very first episode foregrounds the main secret quite well, linking the two lead characters’ backstories with the risks that prowl around them. It also includes an exhilarating plane accident that never happens, taking care of to raise the stakes and also letting us look at the amusing side of “serious star” Cho Seung-woo. This duty marks fairly a separation from Hwang Shi-mok of Complete Stranger 2, which just ended a few months ago to lukewarm reaction, and I’m thrilled to see Cho’s change. If nothing else, he constantly loads a strike with his performance.

The program’s premiere took care of to meet its buzz, balancing 5.6 percent in TV viewership rankings nationwide. The initial episode was awesome and established the tone for the mysteries that are about to unravel. Although time travel is a tried-and-tested idea within K-dramaland, no collection has managed to get it 100% right. From loophole-riddled stories to impractical storylines, we have seen it all. However, when stars of Cho and also Park’s caliber say yes to a drama, you focus. This is what we are doing– wishing something will be different concerning this.


cho seung-woo

This time around, Cho’s character Han Tae-sul is big-headed, hilarious, and also a rule-breaker on the outside. He is the genius engineer and CEO of Quantum as well as Time with a squashing backstory including a dead sibling who commonly shows up in his hallucinations. The Sisyphean motif ends up being evident in Tae-sul’s tale instantly, as he recalls his regretful last meeting with his bro and wants to return to that day. While his past is most certainly intriguing, Cho’s transformation as the flippant Chief Executive Officer in the present developed one of the most delightful parts of this episode. Nonetheless, it additionally advised me of the tale of Sisyphus, who was damned permanently for his arrogance.

Park Shin-hye‘s resurgence to the tv has actually been long-awaited, her last appearance being 2018– 2019 dramatization Memories of the Alhambra. Since then, the actress has appeared in 2 well-known Netflix movies– #Alive as well as Call. As the strange Kang Seo-hae, she already has a rather solid backstory as a person that has arrived from a dystopian future. She is distrustful, which makes sense because she is chased by individuals in gas masks as soon as she shows up in the present. Although only quickly, we procured a preview right into her fighting skills in this episode. I’m excited that we have the women lead doing stunts and also playing the male lead’s guard. Rather a subverting of assumptions, this!

Park Shin-Hye

The very first episode, also while laying the foundation of the story, took care of to shock me on two celebrations. Initially, when Seo-hae, despite being informed by her daddy to stay away from Han Tae-sul, tries seriously to get in touch with him. She cautions him versus mystical beings seeking him, just as his bro had warned him prior to passing away. Second, the things that hit the plane Tae-sul got on turning out to be a suitcase and a man. While appealing, this twist is additionally humorous for how ridiculous it is– a man appearing like the lead’s dead sibling flying about in the stratosphere– but I’ll wait for more episodes before I lower my expectations.

As for the enigma, this episode left many inquiries for the customers. Who are the mystical beings Tae-sul is being alerted against, as well as why are they chasing him? Did his bro know a trick that brought about his death? Did he die in all? There was a bit where Seo-hae problems like she is a simulation and then passes out, nose bleeding. What does that imply? As well as, the most pressing question, which I’m presuming will be answered in the following episode– just how will Seo-hae and Tae-sul satisfy? The persisting themes in the show until now are individuals in gas masks and also the suitcase.

Sisyphus The Myth

Although Sung Dong-il did not make an appearance in this episode, Tae In-ho’s Eddie Kim, Tae-sul’s good friend and co-CEO, offered me an intriguing additional personality to focus on. As always, Tae In-ho has managed to choose one more grey character, although it’s rather very early to say where Eddie Kim’s arc will go. I also found the formula between Tae-sul as well as his bodyguard Beong-son (played by Tae Won-seok) quite charming. Seo-hae and also the dining establishment temperature worker she satisfies (Chae Jong-hyeop) also show possible for becoming great friends with an encouraging dynamic, as well as I’m intrigued to see how the program equilibriums relationships with the story..

Altogether, Sisyphus: The Myth had a strong opening and has actually made me choose to keep watching regardless of my appointments about time-traveling K-dramas. Below’s to wishing it takes care of to prevent the Sisyphean fate of various other dramatizations in the category and maintain points fascinating!
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