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11 K-Drama Male Leads Who Would Be Amazing To Date In Real Life 2021

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We’ve made a listing prior to, however, in recent years, there have actually definitely been a reasonable share of male leads who have actually established some high criteria when it involves K-drama sweetheart product. When you think about your favorite K-drama male lead, there are a couple of noticeable ones that come to mind and also a few that you recognize certainly would not make that listing, ie. Joo Dan Tae from “The Penthouse.”

As well as although it took whatever in me to not place the excellent Ri Jung Hyuk from “Crash Landing On You” on the checklist, thinking about the fact that we would just be able to see him in Switzerland truly didn’t make him the most suitable K-drama partner– although a reasonable share of us truly wouldn’t mind the trip. However luckily, right here are 9 various other K-drama male leads who would certainly be best on all degrees today in reality.

Here are the 11 K-Drama Male Leads Who Would Be Amazing To Date In Real Life 2021:


1. Kim Jae Wook– “Her Private Life”

Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook as Ryan Gold in “Her Private Life” made such a strong impact on viewers that he was understood to establish the bar rather high in terms of high qualities a guy must-have. What made him such a strong catch in the eyes of visitors? His patience, humor, design, good manners, as well as capacity to enjoy so whole-heartedly made him greater than gotten approved for this listing.

Despite his baggage and challenges maturing, it really did not quit him from loving Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) unabashedly. He is constantly honest, truthful, as well as sincere concerning himself and his sensations, which we can all appreciate in a partner. Also, a large incentive is how well he quadrates Duk Mi’s mother! He’d not only be the most excellent sweetheart, but he’d additionally be a fantastic prospective son-in-law!


2. Kang Ha Neul– “When The Camellia Blooms”

Kang Ha Neul

Whenever Kang Ha Neul as well as his portrayal as the wacky lovestruck Hwang Yong Sik in “When The Camellia Blooms” comes to mind, I can not help yet hear his voice in my head: “Dong-Baek-Shi ~!”.

Kang Ha Neul’s personality is everything you can ever before want as well as a lot more in a guy. He adheres, upfront with his feelings, not afraid to dedicate himself, and he constantly sticks up for Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin) regardless of what. Even more so, Kang Ha Neul proves he is perfect partner top quality when he takes Dong Baek’s boy under his wing and makes certain to constantly be there for him. He stands up for her child when the trainers and various other moms and dads put him down; he plays the father figure duty so easily. Yong Sik is an excellent countryside sweetheart that is constantly happy to stay as devoted as a young puppy pet.


3. Lee Jong Suk– “Romance Is A Bonus Book”.

Lee Jong Suk

Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) has loved his pal Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) for as long as he can bear in mind. He painfully watches her get married to a male who doesn’t deserve her, as well as he continues to enjoy her from afar, often discovering himself most likely to her old home when he misses her. Cha Eun Ho’s commitment and also loyalty to this female is the type of love everyone deserves. He informs Dan Yi that the only person worldwide he needs is her and that she can stay with him for as long as she wants till she returns on her feet. His generosity and concern for her are neverending, which makes him pretty incredible.


4. Cha Eun Woo– “True Beauty”.

Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo as Lee Su Ho is one of the most current additions to this checklist. There are minimal defects when it involves our “straight-out-of-a-comic-book” primary lead. He’s a direct A pupil, extremely good-looking, trendy, as well as he does not judge a book by its cover. He fell in love with Lim Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) long prior to she had that awesome remodeling! Although he can discover is a bit guarded, Su Ho is nostalgic and very devoted to those he calls friends. The method he likes her loudly for all the world to listen to, without having any type of pity, made all our hearts flutter a little. He has a natural safety nature and appreciates Ju Gyeong for who she is inside– something every woman is entitled to unquestionably!


5. Park Bo Gum Tissue– “Record Of Youth”.

Park Bo Gum

If you look back at Park Bo Gum tissue’s K-drama roles, there are a lot of personalities in his repertoire that considers fit for this group. However, if we’re pinpointing the much more current functions, Sa Hye Joon in “Record of Youth” is as near perfect as they come. Sa Hye Joon is a design that is desiring to be a star. He rushes, strives to accomplish his dreams, as well as is an amative son to his mother. He fulfills Ahn Jung Ha (Park So Dam) as well as locates himself connecting with her as well as ultimately establishing solid feelings. He is sincere concerning his feelings the minute he acknowledges they are more than platonic, yet he never makes Jung Ha feel forced or uneasy. Sa Hye Joon is best in so many methods, and also we persevere his relationship with Jung Ha. When Hye Joon obtains famous, he makes certain that Jung Ha does not really feel insecure. He’s persistent as well as shows his love for her at any type of chance he obtains– often he even sacrifices eating just to see her. That holds true love!


6. Jo Jung Suk– “Hospital Playlist”.

Jo Jung Suk

Honestly speaking, any of the men lead in “Hospital Playlist” were one hundred percent guy material, yet a number of the possessions set Lee Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk) apart. There’s his horrendous sense of humor– his first appearance in the collection is him putting on a Darth Vader hat– and also his strong and solid bond with his kid Woo Joo.

Having Lee Ik Joon at hand would lead to continuously giggling, which is what we require in life. He’s your day-to-day dosage of happy vitamin, which will unquestionably bring your darkest of days some sunlight. Lee Ik Joon hardly allows points obtain him down, and he always believes positively regardless of just how hard life gets. He’s additionally really loyal to those he enjoys as well as he’s additionally a doctor, which implies he’s pretty smart. And also if this isn’t enough, he’s got a beautiful voice to serenade you within the privacy of a karaoke area. There’s genuinely absolutely nothing more you might ask for in a real-world sweetheart!


7. Lee Jun Ho– “Work of Love”.

Lee Jun Ho

Among the best aspects of Seo Poong (Junho) in “Work Of Love” is that he can cook. He can prepare a vast variety of recipes as well as has actually worked at among the finest hotels in Seoul. He’s always happy to cook for Dan Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won) and she’s always hungry, so this works out so well. Search engine optimization Poong had actually been hurt in the past, but this does not quit him from falling difficult for Sae Woo. He connects with her to a deep and psychological degree that is really noticeable on display.

Seo Poong is sensitive, as well as beyond his outstanding food preparation skills, is an individual that intends to like and be enjoyed. Among the best top qualities regarding Poong that makes him so attractive as a sweetheart is that he only deals with the person, he enjoys well. He’s additionally able to see the great in people despite what they appear like or what their life circumstances might resemble. He defends what’s right and also great while offering everyone a respectable possibility, which are top qualities this globe can utilize more of these days!


8. Park Seo Joon– “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”.

Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon as Young Joon in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” is a remarkable personality. He’s a little bit arrogant, yet when it concerns the lady he loves, he agrees to set his satisfaction completely. He’s hopelessly crazy for Mi So (Park Min Youthful) and constantly attempts to sweep her off her feet. He even attempts to eat particular foods that he dislikes since he understands that she likes them. He listens to her and also takes everything she claims into consideration since he appreciates her viewpoint. In addition to this, his proposition for Mi So is an appealing killer. The man knows just how to give a proposal of legendary proportions!


9. Kim Seon Ho– “You Drive Me Crazy”.

Kim Seon Ho

Even If Kim Seon Ho isn’t the main lead in “Startup” doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong on this checklist! Kim Seon Ho had a starring duty as Rae Wan in the MBC series “You Drive Me Crazy,” and he is just as adorable and wonderful in this one as he is in “Startup.” Rae Wan has actually loved his friend Eun Sung (Lee Yoo Young) for 10 years. She barges right into his home, eats all his food, sleeps on his sofa whenever she wants, and also even uses his brand new restricted version T-shirt that he attempts to keep in mint condition. Despite all this, he still likes her. What more can you request from a partner?!

10. Kim Soo Hyun– “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”.

Kim Soo Hyun

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) with a heart-of-gold brother, Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se), is one memorable K-drama boyfriend. In the hit tvN collection “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” Kang Tae is not just incredibly caring and thoughtful towards his brother, yet he lives like his only purpose and also wish in life is to make his brother satisfied.

So when he falls for Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), his actions towards her are a solid representation of how he treats his sibling. There’s no going when he falls in love, and his capability to comprehend and love unconditionally understands no bounds.

11. Jang Ki Yong– “Search: WWW”.

Jang Ki Yong

“Search: WWW” stars one of the most charming and also perfect K-drama males leads in recent times. It’s a sweeping statement, yet he deserves the title. Jang Ki Yong stars as Park Mo Geon, a designer of music for computer games. He satisfies Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) at a game as well as loves her the opening night he satisfies her. Despite her continually pushing him away, Mo Geon holds your horses, gives her area, and also sees to it that she understands he is there for her. When times obtain hard for Ta Mi, Mo Geon is the first one there to assist her through. He never ever requests anything yet is that strong shoulder to weep on. Likewise, who wouldn’t appreciate a guy who cleans up as well as does dishes on the regular?