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5 Crazy Things that have Already Happened in the 2021 Premiere Episodes Of “The Penthouse 2”

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“The Penthouse 2” premiered over the weekend break and a lot of us were wondering what sort of crazy the author was most likely to throw our method. When word went out that “The Penthouse 2” best was most likely to be rated 19, everyone was a little curious and also fired up. How much crazier can this story obtain?! There are plenty of questions and temper coming from season one, which is what a lot of audiences are wanting to find closure in this period. Will the authors help satisfy the need for justice to be served once and for all? I think we will find out! However, currently, right here are six crazy points that occurred in the initial 2 episodes of “The Penthouse 2.”

Caution: Spoilers ahead!


5 Crazy Things in the Episodes Of “The Penthouse 2” 2021


1. Cheon Seo Jin sleeping with her ex-husband

Cheon Seo Jin sleeping with her ex-husband

2 years have actually passed when “The Penthouse 2” starts, and also we are welcomed with the background of New York City. Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) is having a show and also she is about to get involved with Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). She obtains intoxicated at her after-party and bumps into her ex-husband Ha Yoon Cheol (Yoon Jong Hoon). Both proceed to kiss and invest a scandalous evening with each other.

Those who were anticipating the makjang out of “The Penthouse” will certainly not be let down. Within simply the first 15 minutes of the first episode, we have Cheon Seo Jin constructing out and also sleeping with her ex-husband while she’s still dating Joo Dan Tae! Speak about drama! It’s clear that Seo Jin still has feelings for her ex-husband, which already makes the series rather juicy from the start. This opening scene did a good job of catching my attention as well as drawing me back right into the storyline. It was a really makjang way to do it and also quite perfect!


2. The housekeeper Yang Mi Ok’s death.

The housekeeper Yang Mi Ok’s death

When Mi Ok (Kim Ro Sa) finds out that the love of her life and also employer, Joo Dan Tae, is in a connection with Cheon Seo Jin which the two are to be wed, she is distraught. She is willing to do anything it takes to make sure that Seo Jin does not marry him. Dan Tae learns about this as well as winds up kicking her outdoors, which ultimately results in her murder herself.

The housekeeper Yang Mi Ok's death.

This entire component is rather creepy. The disturbing way in which Mi Ok wants after Dan Tae, and also is under the impression that they are meant to be, is eerie and also chilling. Kim Ro Sa does an outstanding job of making us believe that she’s entirely nuts. In some way her part of the tale is exterminated in just the first episode; going by the initial period, the fatality of any kind of personality actually comes as no surprise. This whole aspect of the storyline appeared pointless, however, it was essential to press the arrest of Joo Dan Tae and also trigger the return of Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene). I make sure this will not be the last fatality of a personality in the collection ahead.


3. Joo Dan Tae getting detained for the murder of Sim Su Ryeon.

Joo Dan Tae as well as Seo Jin host an event with their close friends from Hera Palace but are quickly disrupted by the authorities. They barge right into the event right when Dan Tae will propose to Seo Jin. He is required to the police station as well as is questioned (again) about the death of his previous partner. He attempts to persuade the authorities that Oh Yoon Hee could be behind this, however to his dismay, Yoon Hee winds up entering the police station right at that moment.

Joo Dan Tae getting detained for the murder of Sim Su Ryeon

Joo Dan Tae getting detained for the murder of Sim Su Ryeon.

Joo Dan Tae getting detained for the murder

We were all waiting for this minute. We understood that Yoon Hee would certainly be back this season which she would be established to get revenge on Seo Jin. Her entrance into the series did not let down. She was able to show her innocence as well as be blurted of jail, discouraging both Dan Tae and Seo Jin. Her strategy to get back at the couple is in full force, as well as it is absolutely gratifying to see. Although Eugene isn’t always the hero in the plot, there is a feeling of wish for her to bring Seo Jin and also Dan Tae down. We’ll have to see what legendary plan she has in the shop as the episodes come.


4. Oh Yoon Hee and Ha Yoon Cheol getting married.

Oh Yoon Hee as well as Ha Yoon Cheol make a grand entryway right at Dan Tae and Seo Jin’s involvement celebration. They fly know a helicopter right in the middle of their celebration, destroying it totally. When Yoon Hee, as well as Yoon Cheol, step out of the helicopter, they are approached by Dan Tae and Seo Jin, shocking not just them but every person at the party. Then, Yoon Cheol exposes that Yoon Hee is his wife.

Oh Yoon Hee and Ha Yoon Cheol getting married.

Oh Yoon Hee and Ha Yoon Cheol getting married

We do discover later on that their marriage is not official and that they are both outlining to pay back Dan Tae and Seo Jin, yet it is still a shock that the two have actually signed up with hands to seek vengeance. Their entryway is a surprise, and it certainly puts Seo Jin in her place as she begins to not just create jealousy and sensations for her ex-husband, yet it likewise makes her much more worried than ever. Seeing Seo Jin so nervous and also distressed was pleasing, as well as I can’t wait to see Seo Jin and Dan Tae pay for what they have actually done!


5. Yoon Hee stepping into lip sync for Seo Jin.

Cheon Seo Jin learns that she requires surgical treatment on her vocal cords, however with the impending solo show showing up, she declines to take some time off to rest. She thinks of a strategy to lip-sync the performance, discovering the very best singer she can. She allurements the woman and makes her swear that no person will certainly ever discover this strategy.

Yoon Hee stepping into lip sync for Seo Jin.

Yoon Hee stepping into lip sync for Seo Jin.

Everything seems to be going smoothly up until the night of the show when Cheon Seo Jin is vocal singing. She can inform that the voice that is singing is not the female she has actually hired. After the concert, she confronts the secret female as well as sees that it is Oh Yoon Hee.

Since Yoon Hee barges back into Seo Jin’s life, viewers have actually been getting some crazy dosages of dramatization. It’s so pleasing to see Seo Jin’s experience and also get frightened of what Yoon Hee can possibly be planning to do. She is worthy of every bit of the torment that Yoon Hee is putting her through and also will certainly remain to place her within the episodes to come. Additionally, Seo Jin’s facial expressions are flawlessly remarkable that you simply can’t aid however really feel a sense of contentment when she’s really feeling threatened!