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Park Seo-Joon & Kim Da-Mi Starred in JTBC Itaewon Class

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You are about to start your year right with the upcoming drama series Itaewon Class. And if you haven’t heard the news, the series is a remake of the popular Korean webcomic with the same title. 

So are you ready for its series adaptation? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know including the plot, cast, release schedule of each episode, and many more. 

Itaewon Class [2021] Korean Drama

Itaewon Class is a popular webtoon by Kwang Jin that began in December 2016. The story revolves around young people united by their passion and stubbornness. They will unite as they revolve against an unjust and unreasonable society within the streets of Itaewon. These young people will soon find out how to chase after their dreams and fight for their freedom while finding out each of their group’s unique personalities. 

The story begins as Park Sae-roy enters his first day in his new school. He will then punch his bully classmate Geun-won, who is a troublesome son of a CEO of a famous food corporation. Soon after, Park Sae-roy’s father died in a motorcycle accident which involves Gun-won. Because of this, angry Park Sae-roy beats up Gun-won. However, he was arrested and sent to jail. When he leaves the prison, Park Sae-roy promised that he will take revenge for his father’s death. He will do everything to destroy Gun-won as well as their father’s company. 

Will Park Sae-roy be able to get the justice for his father? Will he be able to destroy Gun-won’s life? What if he meets someone who will turn his world around and made him realised that revenge is no good for him? This is what audiences will need to find out. 

The Casts of Itaewon Class 

Park Seon Joon is the main cast in the upcoming series. He will play the role of Park Sae-roy. Park Sae-roy in a passionate entrepreneur who seeks revenge for his father’s death. He believes the injustice and corruption in the streets of Itaewon should end and he will do everything to end them. His drive became more intense because the son of a famous food company SEO is the main reason of his father’s death. He will use all his knowledge just to enter in Itaewon’s food industry and eventually destroy the corrupted food corporation. 

park seo joon in itawon class

Park Seo Joon recently starred in the hit series What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim in 2018. He was also part of the series Fight for My Way, Hwarang in 2017 and last year the divine fury

In 2017, Park Seo Joon was awarded for his performance in Fight for My Way. Some of his awards include Excellent Actor, Netizen Award and Best Couple Award. 

According to the producers of the upcoming series, Park Seo Joon is perfect for the main character’s role. He became completely immersed with his character while maintaining his unique version of his role. Everyone is looking forward to Park Seo Joon’s acting in this series and how he will transform into a man with high spirits and full of conviction. 

Kim Da Mi joins the cast of the highly anticipated upcoming series as she plays the lead role Jo Yi Seo. During one of her interviews, Kim Da Mi said that when she first read the webtoon, she already got excited. She finds the character of Jo Yi Seo interesting and mentioned that she wants to take the challenge of portraying her Jo Yi Seo in a series. 

Itaewon Class Cast Kim Da Mi

In the storyline, Jo Yi Seo’s character is a blogger and an influencer with social media followers of more than 700,000. She has an IQ of 162 which means she is really good at school. Aside from this, Jo Yi Seo is also good in playing several sports and plays different instruments. Despite her angelic face, Jo Yi Seo hides a dark personality. 

When asked about her opinion on Jo Yi Seo’s character, Kim Da Mi said that she doesn’t think Jo Yi Seo in a typical sociopath. She believes everything will change when her character will meet the character of Park Sae-roy. 

This will be Kim Da Mi’s first ever drama series to date as she only starred in movies. Some of her recently aired movies include The With: Part 1. The Subversion and Marionette in 2018. Her performance in The With: Part 1. The Subversion gained her a best new Actress award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Daejong Film Awards. 

The other casts of the upcoming series are Yoo Jae-Myung who will play the character of Jan Dae-Hee. Too Jae-Myung’s recent drama include Confession, Stranger and The Beast. Another role in the upcoming drama series in Oh Soo-A which will be played by Ahn Bo-Hyun. An Bo-Hyun’s recent projects include My Only Love Song, HIYA and Her Private Life. 

Adding up to the cast of the Itaewon Class is Kim Hye-Eun from Doctor John and Secret Affair. She will play the role of Kang Min-Jung. Lee Joo-Youn is also part of the cast. He will play the role of Ma Hyun-Yi. 

Ryoo Kyung-Soo from Maggie, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Jane is also part of the cast and will portray the character of Choi Seung-Kwon.  Chris Lyon will play the character of Tony Kim and David Lee from Hotel del Luna will portray the character of Ho-Jin. 

Itawon Class [2021]

Itaewon Class has parental rating of PG-13. Each episode will have a runtime of sixty minutes. The upcoming series is expected to have 16 episodes. In South Korea, the upcoming drama series will be aired on JTBC every Fridays and Saturday nights at 23:00pm. The first episode will air of January 31st, [2021].  

Itaewon Class is directed by Kim Sung Yoon who directed some of South Korea’s popular hits such as Discovery of Love and Love in the Moonlight. it is originally written by Gwang Jin as a popular webtoon who gained success both in South Korea and even in international market. Now, audiences will have a taste of the series by bringing in an exciting casts, trailer and storyline which will set the bar high for K-drama series this [2021]. 

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