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Hip Hop King [2022] Korean Drama Reviewed

90 / 100

Hip Hop King is a South Korean Drama TV series, which is also known by its other name Hip Hop King Nassna Street This drama will feature Lee Ho Won, Lee Na Eun, Shin Won Ho, and Han Hyun-min.

Hip Hop has been known as a genre in dancing and over the years it grew bigger and a lot of part of it has been developed over the years, because of that the popularity of this genre catch the attention of people who are into dancing.

Hip Hop King [2022] Review / 힙합왕-나스나길

This drama Hip Hop King was directed by Lee Joon Hyung and written by Kwon So Min, Hip Hop King will be aired on SBS every Friday at 23:00 KST beginning August 9, [2022], until September 13, [2022], for a total of 6 episodes.

Lee Ho Won played as Bang Young Baek, an unfortunate high school student who wants to go to Seoul to continue his dream of becoming a rapper. Lee Ho Won is also known as Hoya, who is a South Korean singer, actor, and rapper.

He was part of the group Infinite before he left in 2017. He starred in TV series such as Devilish Joy (2018), Radiant Office (2017), and Reply 1997 (2012).

Lee Na Eun portrayed the character Song Ha Jin, a high school mate and love interest of Young Baek in high school. Lee Na Eun is part of the South Korean girl group, APRIL.

Her official acting debut began in April love, a web drama that was shown in 2016. Since then, she came oed in My Father is Strange (2017) and has starred in A-Teen (2018) and A-Teen 2 (2019).

hip hop king [2022] kdrama

Shin Won Ho played as Kim Tae Hwang, a rapper who also happens to be a rich high schoolmate of Young Baek. Shin initially shot to stardom when he became a CF model in 2011 together with G-Dragon. Since then, he starred in many TV series such as the Monkey and Dog Romance (2018), Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), and Big (2012).

Han Hyun-min (한현민) portrayed the role of Seo Ki Ha, another high schoolmate, and friend of Young Baek. In real life, Han is an 18-year old South Korean model who made his mark by being the first Korean model of African descent.

His mother is Korean, while his father is a Nigerian. His first TV appearance was during tvN’s 2018 series, Tale of Fairy, wherein he played as an Ethiopian exchange fairy.

Hip Hop King Review

Bang Young Baek (Lee Ho Won), who currently lives with his destitute grandmother in Daegu, dreams of moving to Seoul and becoming a successful rapper.

In the process of chasing his dreams, he learned the challenges and difficulties that come with it. He goes to Doobak High School in Seoul, where he met Song Ha Jin (Lee Na Eun), one of the popular girls who happen to hold many secrets.

The two develop feelings for one another. On the other hand, Young Baek has gotten on Kim Tae Hwang’s (Shin Won Ho) nerves and vows to make Young Baek suffer as he tries to reach for his dream.

Fortunately, Young Baek has found a friend and an ally in Seo Ki Ha (Han Hyun-min), another schoolmate who is also against Tae Hwang.

Hip Hop King’s genre revolves around the themes of the music culture of rap and hip hop and how these are intertwined and shown through the slice of life of the four main characters.

This drama is an auspicious attempt to genuinely showcase what the rap and hip hop music culture is also about through actors who are also idols, and through the directors and producers who have a background in those music genres.

What is more promising is the cultural diversity that this series aims to promote by including an African descent South Korean actor.

Hopefully, the drama does not fall into the predictable storyline trap by introducing elements of surprise like the secretive background of Song Ha Jin.

Nevertheless, the next few weeks will be an exciting time to look forward to the next episodes of the Hip Hop King.


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