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Hi Bye Mama [2022] Stars Kim Tae Hee As Ghost Mother [The Series of the Year]

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As the New Year starts there are also lots of surprising series that are about to turn our hearts upside down and one of these is the “Hi Bye Mama”.

The story of the series will revolve around the life of Cha Yoo Ri (Kim Tae Hee) a mother who never had a chance to hold her child, She died and left her child with her husband Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung), he is working as a chest surgeon and he truly is great in his field.

People knew him as someone with a good character, He is known to be friendly and very warm to other people but when his wife Cha Yoo Ri (Kim Tae Hee) died, his personality has started to change, nobody knew what he was going through, people did not know that deep down in his heart he is still longing for the love and presence of his beloved wife and that being in his situation is such a tough one.

Hi Bye Mama KDrama Review

On the other hand, Cha Yoo Ri who died five years ago has been given a chance to prove herself as she takes the chance to get back to the world of the living for 49 days, Yoo Ri is an energetic spirit, her cheerfulness and optimism never stops despite her status, and due to an unfinished business of being so regretful because of not having a chance to hold her child even once she was given another moment.

That specific reason refrains her from receiving her eternal judgement in the afterlife.

What will happen next will surely become a trending topic because after 5 years of becoming a “Spirit” or “Ghost” Yoo Ri will bring back to life and will appear in front of her husband Jo Kang Hwa, The 49 days long project of reincarnation will definitely change a lot of things between their lives and the twist of having a chance to see his wife once more really mean so much to Kang Hwa.

The chance to prove Yoo Ri’s self is now based on how she will be spending this very chance that has been given to her. The excitement that this thrilling moment gives is indeed mesmerizing, will the left-behind child and husband can understand the situation? And how will Dr. Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) react as he sees his wife again?

The best part of the series will only happen if you are watching them and with the story of Hi Bye, Mama! you would not want to miss any of its episodes.

The Hi Bye Mama story line simply shows the love of a mother to her child, just Imagine how regretful a mother would become if she did not have any moment to hold the child that you’ve been looking forward to seeing and carried in your womb for 9 monthsIt is truly a touching series to look forward to watching.


               Kim Tae Hee has confirmed her come back for the new upcoming series entitled “HI BYE MAMA” after getting a successful marriage life Tae Hee and her husband Rain are blessed with two children and now that she is portraying the role of a ghost mother, Tae hee is believed and expected to become not just an efficient but also an effective actress.

Kim Tae Hee Hi Bye Mama [2022] KDrama Review

Her come back is one of the most-awaited and no that she’s finally confirmed it, her supporters are expressing their gratefulness to having her back in a series.

Despite of the criticisms in her acting skills when she was just starting Kim Tae Hee proved herself after taking a year break in 2009 when she starred in the blockbuster action drama “IRIS” the bad reviews about her acting abilities has been muted and the said series garnered higher ratings.,

she was then offered to play the lead role for the movie “Grand Prix” as the movie Director Yang Yun Ho suggested her to take it though it turned out to be a disappointment still her avid fans supported her. She also starred in different series that truly marks in our hearts. She is best known for the following series “My Princess”, “Last Present” and “Stairway to Heaven”.

Lee Kyu Hyung Hi Bye Mama KDrama Review

Also starring in the “HI BYE MAMA” is LEE KYU HYUNG portraying the role of Jo Kang Hwa, the south Korean actor have agreed for the role and it thrills the heart of his supporters.

The established drama actor whose became part of different series such as “Prison Playbook” where he was able to show his versatility as an actor and in the series the “LiFE” where he captivated the audience for showing a different part of him as an actor, as someone who is musically inclined he also starred as a musical actor in a [2022] showing of “CYRANO” where he showcased his greatness as the lead role and in the same year Kyu Hyung was also nominated as the Best Male Actor for the Korean Music Festival.

Now that he is doing another great series everyone is expecting another astonishing performance from him.

Yoo Jae Won will be directing the “HI BE MAMA” and since he is a respected director who been showcasing good works with a variety of genre such as “Oh My Ghostess”, “Tomorrow with You”, “The smile has left your Eyes” and a lot more. People are getting excited because they know that this series will be worth the wait.

The Series “Hi Bye Mama” is expected to be air in the first half of [2022] (Saturday and Sunday) on tvN. Brace yourselves as you are about to witness a combination of joy, sadness but most especially a heartwarming story.

Since the filming for this series has started already it will not take much of time for it to be watched. The worldwide web will surely be filled with different reactions and reviews regarding this one.

The said Korean series will takes over slot previously occupied by Crash Landing on You.

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