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Drama Adaptation for ‘Tunnel’ Ha Jung-woo and Bae Doo-na starrer film

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A novel that has been adapted to film, is in the works a drama version of “Tunnel”!


On May 18, management agency IOK Company and content production house Story TV announced that they have signed a strategic business agreement on the co-production of contents. Marking their first collaborative work is the dramatization of writer So Jae-won’s novel “Tunnel,” which is also the source material for the 2016 movie headlined by Ha Jung-woo (The Closet) and Bae Doo-na (Persona).


Director Lee Yong-sun of IOK, who led the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing event, said, “Jae-won’s novel ‘Tunnel’ has already been sold to France after its successful reception throughout Asia. We are happy to have this opportunity of producing a good project together.” He then added, “In the future, several production companies will be able to overcome our current crisis and produce more solid creations through joint production.”


In addition, producer and university professor Yoo Jae-hwan remarked on the recent development, “The novel ‘Tunnel’ by So Jae-won has left a lasting impact in our society. When Director Lee proposed that it be turned into a drama, I was already convinced that it will be a highly suitable piece of entertainment during these times.”

Finally, celebrated author So expressed his thoughts on the upcoming series adaptation, “I would like to thank Showbox for investing in the movie Tunnel, and Producer Yoo Jae-wan and Director Lee Yong-sun for their coordination in this undertaking. I also thank IOK Company and Story TV for making this an easy decision on my part.” He continued, “This work is for everyone. There are many people who have been putting their efforts into this, so I am confident that the public will love the results.”

The film Tunnel revolves around a car salesman who gets trapped when a poorly constructed tunnel collapses. He deals with his survival inside the tunnel with the advice of the rescue team head. It was helmed by director Kim Seong-hun of the movie A Hard Day (2014) and Netflix’s Kingdom series franchise (2019, 2020).