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Yoo in Na and IU in 7.7 Billion Love, I Don’t think if I can get married because of her, Friendship Grows Stronger Than Ever!



Yoo In Na and IU FriendShip News
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Actress Yoo In Na and IU friendship proves that their 11-year old age gap won’t stop them from being close friends. In fact, these besties will be each other’s maid of honour on their own weddings!

In an interview with Yoo In Na about her recording of “7.7 Billion Love”, she stated her opinion about getting married and settling down in the future. According to the beautiful actress, it seems like the trend in today’s society is not getting married at all. She also says everyone wants to be married to a good person. 

Yoo in Na

When asked how she would want to get married, the actress told the press that she only wants a small intimate wedding with only a few close friends to witness her special day. Also, Yoo In Na mentioned that she wants IU to witness one of the most memorable days of her life. 

Yoo In Na and IU Friendship

It seems like Yoo In Na and IU friendship, or what their fans called as “IUinna” grows stronger than ever. The two besties met 10 years ago on the set of SBS’s Heroes. According to Yoo In Na, she and IU both have similar characters which are soft on the outside but firm and strong on the inside.

She also mentioned that IU was more mature and she always asks IU for advice. More often than not, Yoo In Na and IU talk about life and careers rather than talking about guys. The two considers each other as her sister and best friend. 

As part of Yoo In Na and IU friendship, the two also learned how to play traditional Korean card game just recently. The game is called “Go Stop” which is IU’s favourite game. IU says that she wants to play it often with Yoo In Na. 

IU Friendship of Yoo In na

In 2017 Melon Music Awards, IU mentioned Yoo In Na during her acceptance speech. She says that even though they weren’t related by blood, Yoo In Na is still her best friend and number one supporter and she thanks the actress for always being there for her. 

Adding up to the Yoo In Na and IU friendship is the latter’s recent concert called “24 Steps: One, Two, Three, Four” to which Yoo In Na attended. IU even mentioned the actress’s name while she was performing. It was truly a touching moment for the two superstars and for their fans as well. 

In February [2022], IU made an effort to support her bestie when she surprised the actress on the set of her current drama “Touch Your Heart”. The singer not only sent a coffee truck but also lots of main dishes and fruits for the whole staff as a good luck wish for the success of Yoo In Na’s drama series. She says she is cheering for the tvN drama and for her best friend Yoo In Na. 

As a thank you for her best friend’s show of support, Yoo In Na found a way to surprise IU as well. In July [2022], the actress sent a food truck while IU was filming her hit series “Hotel del Luna.” Now isn’t it the cutest Yoo In Na and IU friendship ever? 

During Yoo In Na’s manager’s wedding, IU made an effort to attend and even sing at Yoo In Na’s manager’s wedding.

Despite the singer’s busy schedule, she made sure she was there for her best friend and to her best friend’s loved ones.

IU sang “Meaning Of You” as a congratulatory performance for Yoo In Na’s manager. 

The two best friends’ consistent show of support to each other proves that Yoo In Na and IU friendship will go a long way. And who knows, someday, the two will be working together which will strengthen their friendship and definitely will make their fans go crazy. 

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Jung Hae New Drama adaption of the Webtoon Entitled A D.P Dogs



Jung Hae New Drama A D.P Dogs
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Jung Hae New Drama adaption of the webtoon named ‘A D.P Dog’s Day‘ (literal translation).Jung Hae In may be starring in an upcoming Netflix-original K-drama series, titled ‘A D.P Dog’s Day‘ (literal translation) miniseries!

Jung Hea will be leading the new role of the new drama that adaption of the popular webtoon “D.P.Dog Day”(Literal title). About the new role of Jung Hae confirmed by his agency which is FNC Entertainment.

According to the agency Jung Hea In has not decided about the acceptance of the new role for “D.P.Dog Day”.

So what’s the Jung Hae new drama about?

Jung Hae New Drama story about a soldier who is tasked with finding and catching military deserters.

And Jung Hea offered by the main character Ahn Joon Ho. Ahn Joon Ho has to be a witness of the emotion struggling young desserts that he tracks down.

“D.P Dog Day” will be the name of Jung Hae New Drama. This was originally planned to be adapted into a feature film. Instead of a film, it will be adapted into a six-part drama.

New drama release scheduled in December [2022]. Gener of the drama is military and drama. Other than Jung Hae there is 3 main character in the new drama. The actors are Son Seok Koo, Kim Sung Kyun, and Gu Gyo Hwan and do not confirm about the characters. But they will be the main 4 actors of this drama.

Han Joon Hee will be the director of this drama. He is the director of the action film “Hit-and-Run Squad”.

He is a screenwriter and a director. But there is not any confirmation about ” A D.P Dog’s Day ” screenwriting. The drama’s genre was Action, Mystery, Investigation.

Since Military Related

Jung Hae In did his military service when he was 21. And he states that the military service time as ” very precious time ” for his life. But he had a taste of acting through musicals in his first year of college.

And according to Jung Hae, the military service was a turning point that helped him understand what he had to do, and it made him think more realistically about his life, which was acting. And he was determined about chose acting as his career.

He lost 12 kilograms in the army for his future career and then he joined the agency which is FNC Entertainment after graduating both military and college. And Jung Hae’s new drama also related to the military so it could be a great experience for a new role.

Jung Hae’s ongoing drama “A peace of your mind”

Meanwhile, Jung Hae’s new drama, “A piece of your mind” is broadcasting on TvN. On [2022]/05/12 will be the scheduled last episode broadcasting time. The character is Moon Ha Won.

A piece of your mind [2022]

Moon Ha Won is the main character who happened to be an Artificial Intelligent (AI) programmer and he is the founder of M&H Company. Moon Ha Won has a well-known name in the AI industry and he is the man everyone knows. The characteristics of Moon Ha Won is almost not real because he is perfect.

He is a one who can be devoted to work, get serious about his work and never let the anger get control him. He is an ideal man with a warm heart and the drama mostly about unrequited love. A piece of your mind drama genre is Romance, Drama, Melodrama.

The female leading role is Chae Soo Bin. She was the female lead character of the famous drama “I’m not a robot”. Chae Soo Bin’s role Han Seo Woo, she had a difficult life and no family to support her.

She lives alone without any place to call home. But Seo Woo always saw a bright side of life and she believes everything happens for a reason. Seo Woo soon finds herself crossing paths with Ha Won.

Author: Mikan

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