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“Yumi’s Cells” 6 Acts Of True Love

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“Yumi’s Cells” has recently blessed viewers with some fast-burn romantic action as Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) and Yumi (Kim Go Eun) have officially started dating. In the most recent episodes, we see the two in their honeymoon stage, and it’s been so comforting seeing Yumi happy and in love! Here are six acts of true love that we were able to see in episodes 5 and 6 of “Yumi’s Cells.”

Yumi’s Cells

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Spending A LOT of time with each other

In the beginning of episode 5, Yumi and Woong are seen going on various dates, holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes, and overall, being so happy. They’re being very affectionate with each other, and we’re totally getting a dose of happiness just seeing these two together!

Seeing them always hold hands with each other gives us so many butterflies:

Yumi’s Cells

Seeing how on cloud nine they are almost gives a sense of uneasiness only because we really hope nothing will break them apart. It’s also adorable seeing all of Yumi’s cells so happy and not anxious for once – even hungry cell is so content!

Hunger cell munching on snacks while seeing Woong and Yumi so happy.

Yumi’s Cells


2. When Woong takes Yumi’s side

After Woong mentions his coworker Sae Yi (Park Ji Hyun), Yumi discovers that Sae Yi is actually female. Yumi’s hunch cell figures out pretty quickly that Sae Yi could have feelings for Woong, which causes Yumi’s anxiety to kick into high gear. So when she is given the opportunity to check out Woong’s office and meet his coworkers, she jumps on the opportunity.

Yumi’s Cells

Despite Yumi’s planning and hoping to put Sae Yi in her place, Sae Yi stands her ground and fights back, making Yumi feel self-conscious about her relationship with Woong. Feeling insecure and jealous, Yumi leaves the office without saying goodbye.

Although it was frustrating seeing Sae Yi being so manipulative, the best part about this whole situation was how Woong reacted to finding out how Sae Yi treated Yumi. Instead of being passive and letting it go, he got upset at Sae Yi and stood up for Yumi. He was persistent in keeping his distance with Sae Yi and making his feelings known to her that he was not happy with what she did. It is by the power of love that the normally passive Woong would do this.

Angry Woong telling off Sae Yi

Yumi’s Cells


3. When Woong brings Yumi cake after she gets angry at him

After Yumi gets upset about the whole Sae Yi and Woong situation, Yumi goes home angry. It’s her birthday, so she is feeling particularly upset about the whole situation. Woong is anxious about the whole debacle and worries that Yumi may not want to be with him anymore. He decides to buy her a beautiful cake and heads over to her house.

Seeing Woong walking towards her apartment as she walks out was one of the best feelings. You could see in Woong’s eyes how tormented he felt about the argument. And after seeing Yumi’s point of view for the past couple hours and how much she regretted snapping at him, seeing Woong provided that emotional relief. The two are together again, and they are so in love.

Also, how adorable was it seeing Woong explain himself?!

Yumi’s Cells


4. Woong wanting to sing happy birthday despite some serious stomach pains

When Yumi invites Woong back up to her place, he’s obviously ecstatic – for many reasons. But just as he’s about to step foot into her house, he gets a really bad stomachache, which seems to cloud his thoughts completely. He doesn’t want to have to use Yumi’s bathroom, so he tries to keep it in. As Yumi puts the candles on her cake, Woong is trying so desperately to bear through the pain and even goes to the extent of singing happy birthday for her. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to hold it much longer, and he runs to the bathroom.

Yumi’s Cells

Seeing Woong so excited and then so embarrassed about his stomach issues was so relatable and endearing. He really wanted to be 100 percent for the remainder of Yumi’s birthday especially after having gotten in that big fight. This was his first time at her house, and you could see how sad he was about it. All he wanted was to spend time alone with Yumi – he’s so sweet!

Yumi’s Cells


5. Yumi wanting to take care of Woong when he isn’t feeling well

Woong’s face completely lights up when Yumi starts to take care of him. She escorts him to her bed where she has the heating pad on, gives him some tea, and even rubs his stomach for him!

Yumi’s Cells

You can see how much better Woong feels after Yumi takes care of him. All of his embarrassment vanishes, and it seems like he’s himself again. There’s so much love behind his gaze the following morning!

Yumi’s Cells

6. Letting things go after fighting and making up

When Yumi and Woong get into a small fight after he finds out that Yumi booked the wrong room on their couples trip, the two engage in a little battle of pride. They are not willing to admit their wrongdoings at first, but this quickly diminishes when Woong hands Yumi the first peace offering. He tells her that he did not cancel the room after all and likes the room that she had reserved. The two end up making up.

Seeing Woong’s facial expression soften when he thinks Yumi might actually want to go back home made us all melt. The love he has for her is so real, and it was especially exciting when the two passionately made up.

Yumi’s Cells