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Special Appearances of Kim Nam Gil And Jin Sun Kyu in “One The Woman”

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Honey Lee expressed her gratitude to her former co-stars Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu for their cameo appearances in her new SBS drama “One the Woman”!

One The Woman

“One the Woman” is a new comedy about a corrupt female prosecutor who gets amnesia and accidentally switches lives with a chaebol daughter-in-law who looks exactly like her. Honey Lee stars as both the chaebol daughter-in-law Kang Mi Na and the corrupt prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo, while Lee Sang Yoon plays Han Seung Wook, a third-generation chaebol heir who still has feelings for his first love.

One The Woman


On September 18, Honey Lee posted on her Instagram photos with Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu. She looks thrilled to reunite with her former co-stars, and three of them pose for fun photos. The caption reads, “I’d like to express my deep gratitude and love to the two loyal and shining actors Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu, who took time out of their busy schedule to film [‘One the Woman’]. Thank you so much!”

One The Woman

One The WomanOne The WomanOne The WomanOne The Woman

Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu appeared in the epilogue of the first episode where Honey Lee’s character Jo Yeon Joo ends up in heaven. Kim Nam Gil transformed back into his character from “The Fiery Priest,” and Jin Sun Kyu also made a reference to the movie “Extreme Job” that he and Honey Lee had starred in together.