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Selection: The War Between Women 2020 – [2021] New Hot Historical Drama TV Chosun

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In a war of power, who will become the one true queen? This is what Selection: The War Between Women is all about. The new drama series from TV Chosun tells the story of a war that takes place between women who wants to become the queen. 

The story began when Kang Eun-Bo’s twin sister is murdered. She will then begin to find out who is responsible for her death. To do this, she will take on reckless actions in order to pursue her goal. 

The handsome king Lee Kyung, played by the very talented actor Kim Min-kyu is a young, handsome and intelligent king who suffers from extreme trauma when he was shot in the head. Because of this, the young king began to have precognitive dreams of only one woman. He later on became involved in the case of Kang Eun-Bo’s twin sister’s death. 

Selection The War Between Women New Drama Tv Chosun

The drama series is about a historical royal survival of who will be the second queen after the first queen died. Added to the plot twist is about finding who killed the queen. In this drama series, the characters will each reveal what are they willing to do just to get the crown and the power they really wanted. This is where the war will start. 

The Ultimate Cast of Selection: The War Between Women

Selection The War Between Women Review Cas

The main role in the upcoming drama Selection: The War Between Women is played by Jin Se Yeon where she played the role of Kang Eun Bo. She is an award-winning South Korean actress who made her debut in Its Okay, Daddy’s Daughter in 2010. Since then, she starred in numerous films and television dramas. These include Bridal Mask (2012), Five Fingers (2012), Inspiring Generation (2014) and The Flower in Prison (2016). In 2018, she starred in the Grand Prince and in 2014, Doctor Stranger

Selection The War Between Women Cast

Before taking on an acting career, Jin Se Yeon began as an idol trainee for Jewelry, a South Korean girl group under Star Empire Entertainment. Before that, she appeared in several TV commercials before steering her direction into acting. Some of her famous movies include White: The Melody of the Curse (2011), The Language of Love (2014), Enemies In-Law (2015) and Operation Chromite in 2016. 

Another role in the upcoming drama series Selection: The War Between Women is a South Korean actor Kim Min Kyu. He plays the role of the main character Lee Kyung. Kim MIn Kyu’s character portrays a person who goes through a series of transformations as he learns what it really means being a true king. He will then start to chase after his dream of finding his one true love. His character development will be shown in the drama series. 

Kim Min Kyu was born on December 25, 1994. In 2015, Kim Min Kyu made his acting debut in the popular TV drama Who Are You:School 2015. 

Some of Kim Min Kyu’s most notable drama series include Let’s Eat 3  and Rich Family’s Son in 2018. In 2016, he starred in the drama Signal and in the movie Chasing. In TV shows, Kim Min Kyu appeared in I Can See Your Voice in 2016 and Crime Scene in 2017. 

Lee Si-Un also joins the cast of Selection: The War Between Women as the role of Chae Jung-ho. He plays the role of Wal, a loud and bad-mouthed person. Lee Si-Eon has already proven his acting prowess, as he starred in numerous films and drama series. Some of his most notable movies include My Love, My Bride in 2014, Tough As Iron in 2013 and in 2011 in the movie Perfect Game

Lee Si-Un was also part of numerous drama series. Some of these include The Player (2018), Live (2018), I’m Not a Robot in 2017. In 2017, he starred in Into The World Again, My Sassy Girl and Man to Man. One of his first-ever movies includes Friend, Our Legend in 2009 and Dr. Champ in 2010.

Lee Si-Un is known for his supporting role in the popular drama reply 1997. In 2017, Lee Si-Un received a Male Rookie Award in Variety Show in MBC Entertainment Awards. 

Do Sang-Woo is also part of the cast. He will play the character of Lee Jae Hwa. Lee Jae Hwa is a street dweller so will become one of the first in line to the throne. He has a cheerful personality. Despite him being illiterate, he will coincidentally enter the palace and will try to disguise himself as one of the first in line to the throne. 

Selection The War Between Women Korean Drama

Do Sang-Woo recently played the role of Jang Woo-Sang in Hundred Million Stars From the Sky in 2018 and as Joo Se-Hoon in My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol in 2015. In 2014, he played as Choi Ho in Its OK, This Is Love in 2014 and as Chi-Soo’s friend in Flower Boy Ramen Shop in 2011. In 2012, Do Sang-Woo played the character of a teen bully in Drama Special: A Corner in 2012. 

Do Sang-Woo also gained several nominations for award-giving bodies. In 2015, he was nominated as Best New Actor in a Special Project Drama in 34th MBC Drama Awards. In 2015 as well, he won as Fashionista Award in the 10th Asia Model Awards. 

According to the production team of Selection: The War Between Women, all of their actors possess their own charms and complement each other. 

Selection: The War Between Women drama series is set to release on December 14, [2021]. It is expected to have a runtime on Saturday and Sunday at 22:50 and expected to have 16 episodes. 

The word Gantaek in Korean means the process of choosing a spouse for the crown prince. A new queen is the only person in the entire kingdom who can have the power being the queen even if she is not related to any royal family. This is the reason why the war will take place. Who will become the queen? That is what viewers will have to find out. 

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