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Season 2 for ‘Taxi Driver’

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The new season in the making for SBS’s anti-hero drama Taxi Driver!

taxi driver

Taxi Driver, which ended in May, is a revenge drama about a taxi company with an underground operation where its employees carry out revenge orders for its customers who were not able to achieve justice from society. It stars Lee Je-hoon (Move to Heaven), Esom (Save Me 2), Kim Eui-sung (Arthdal Chronicles), Pyo Ye-jin (VIP), Jang Hyuk-jin (Awaken), Cha Ji-Yeon (Scent of a Woman), and Bae Yoo-ram (Zombie Detective).

According to industry insiders on July 6, Studio S, the producer of Taxi Driver, has decided to work on a second season for the drama. Taxi Driver 2 is reportedly still in the early stages of planning with the goal of airing next year. It is also said that the team has not yet decided on the exact schedule to begin production. According to the reports, the stars of the first season have been informed and are discussing their appearance in the new installment.

An official from SBS clarified the news and said, “We are discussing the production of Taxi Driver‘s second season [and are] coordinating the timing and schedule.”

The drama was lauded for tackling various social issues. When the series ended, requests for a second season reportedly flooded in.