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Remake of Korean drama ‘Trap’

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Korean-American actor Ma Dong-Seok is readied to generate as well as heading The Club, an approaching US adjustment of the South Korean thriller drama Trap.

The Club tells the tale of a well-known news anchor who gets assaulted by a strange team of seekers while on an outdoor camping trip with his household. Ma Dong-seok will depict a professional investigator assigned to the case. Having shed his own kid in a hit-and-run, his investigation leads him to a series of twisted systems by an elite as well as effective group. He ultimately recognizes that points might not be what they seem and that the killers are concealing in simple view.

The series is based on the seven-episode Trap, which aired on OCN from February to March 2019. Ma Dong-seok’s counterpart in the Korean version is Sung Dong-il (Sisyphus: The Myth), who starred alongside actors Lee Seo-jin (Times) and Lim Hwa-young (Birthcare Center).

Trap is the latest Korean drama announced to be remade for US television. Early this month, W – Two Worlds was confirmed to get an American version.

Trap poster featuring Lee Seo-jin and Sung Dong-il
Trap poster featuring Lee Seo-jin (left) and Sung Dong-il

The Club will be produced by Gorilla 8 Productions, a company owned by Ma and B&C Content’s Chris S. Lee, and U.S.-based Starlings Television. It is set up by Starlings Television president Chris Philip and Starlings Entertainment CEO Karine Martin, both of whom will executive produce the project. In addition, co-producer and writer for The Walking Dead (2010) Jack LoGuidice will take credit as showrunner.

No broadcaster or streaming platform has been attached to the series yet.

Chris Philip remarked, “The Club will bring U.S. and global audiences a premium, serialized drama series showcasing one of the high-profile stars of this year’s most highly anticipated superhero films.” He added, “[The original] Korean drama is delightfully shocking and our team will ensure this adaptation delivers the authenticity.”

Ma Dong-seok in Squad 38
(From left) Ma Dong-seok, Seo In-guk, and Sooyoung in promotional material for Squad 38.

Also known by his American name Don Lee, Ma Dong-Seok is a former boxer and bodybuilder who was born in South Korea and raised in the United States. He later returned to South Korea and has since taken up roles in over 50 movies, including the hit Korean zombie film Train to Busan (2016). He also appeared in various television dramas such as Squad 38 (2016) and Bad Guys (2014).

Meanwhile, the 50-year-old actor will be seen playing Gilgamesh in Marvel’s upcoming superhero film Eternals (2021).