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Queens Of Duality: 14 Fierce But Loving Moms Of K-Dramas 2021

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Every K-drama needs a great back tale, specifically regarding the lead character’s early upbringing, which gives a look into the reasons behind how scenarios came to be. One essential factor that influences the lead’s feeling of belonging, self-confidence, and individuality is their household dynamic, and a lot of the moment, the greatest influence is their mom. We recognize with K-dramas that have “intense moms”: those who usually seem terrifying and withdrawn at first. No matter how dominating they can be, you can rely on that they’re just bent on safeguard their children and also do what’s best for them. Right here are a few of the most unforgettable, strong yet adorable mothers in K-dramas:

Here are Queens Of Duality: 14 Fierce But Loving Moms Of K-Dramas 2021 lists:

Oh Dong Baek of “When the Camellia Blooms”

When the Camellia Blooms

Oh Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin) is the definition of self-confidence. In this drama, she withstands all the gossip-mongering as well as bullying by the townspeople in order to give a normal life for her son. She moves from a different city to leave her past as well as singlehandedly opens a resto/bar with little help. As she makes a fresh start, she runs into challenges as well as tries to overcome them by holding her horses and also compliant with culture’s standards. However, along the road, she discovers to come to be forthright and to combat for what she counts on, particularly when it pertains to safeguarding her boy.


The “tiger moms” of “Reply 1988”

tiger moms

It should first be kept in mind that in the early ’80s and ’90s, ladies in Korea were just beginning to find their voice in the residence as well as in the labor force. These three moms, played by Lee Il Hwa, Kim Sun Young, and also Ra Miran, are the backbones of the house. They do whatever in the backend so their other halves and also children can reach their full possibility in their day-to-day lives. Whether it’s food preparation, cleaning, doing the laundry, or making household choices, they’re the ones that get on top of every little thing, often obtaining little to no admiration. Yet because of them, their kids grow up having good values, independence, as well as also a strong-willed personalities!

Choi Won Deok of “Start-Up”

start up

Kim Hae Sook is widely called “Korea’s mother” because of her decades-long occupation and importance as a loving mommy in a number of K-dramas. In “Start-Up,” she may be Dal Mi’s (Suzy) grandma but she assumes the role of a mom and also carrier at the same time, despite just how hard their life is. She does not let her age and problem stop her from functioning day up until evening so they can survive. She’s likewise the real definition of kindness and forgiveness because she takes in a young complete stranger, Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho), and also makes a large effect in his life. She additionally invites Dal Mi’s mommy again into her home despite the mother abandoning them in exchange for an abundant, comfy life. With her guidance, it’s no wonder Ji Pyeong matures to be a “Good boy” and Dal Mi ends up being a kindhearted, clever, as well as go-getting woman!


Cha Yu Ri and Oh Minutes Jung from “Hi Bye, Mama”

Hi bye mama

What makes a mom … a mom? Is it merely someone with blood relation or the one that elevates the child for years? This is the question that this drama addresses, with Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee) unjustly doing prior to she can care for her child, Seo Woo, while Oh Min Jung (Go Bo Gyeol) takes control of as the stepmom. It’s tough to select in between both as Yu Ri literally goes to hell and also back just to supervise her youngster as a roaming spirit revived while Min Jung has to endure challenges, her other half’s feelings of loss, as well as inevitably surrender her job to be with an expanding child. Both mothers are similarly admirable for their dedication and also a genuine love for Seo Woo. This is what makes “Hey Bye, Mama” a tearjerker and worthy must-watch since it checks out the different significances of being a mother!


Kim Hyun Ja of “Because This Is My First Life”

Because This Is My First Life

On the day of her “fake wedding,” Ji Ho (Jung So Min) states some pretty rough words to her mommy, implying that her family members don’t have anything to use and criticizing her for having undergone many challenges maturing. Yet she does not understand that it’s her mother that gave up a whole lot for their household. When it comes to the wedding day, Hyun Ja (Kim Sun-Young) tells her daughter’s husband-to-be some touching yet sensible guidance. She stresses that Ji Ho is an independent female that can her very own joy, and that as a spouse all he needs to do is sustain her all the way. It’s a heartbreaking scene that advises us that most of the time we take our mothers for granted and also assume they’re “hovering” over us– however all they actually want is for us to be happy.

No Seung Hye and Lee Soo Im from “SKY Castle”

SKY Castle

No Seung Hye (Yoon Se Ah) marries an imperious, regulating, and overall difficult another half that pushes his youngsters over the edge when it comes to their researches. As a result of worry, she withstands him for many years. But when she lastly acquires her courage, she does what she has to provide for the sake of her kids: leave him and show her sons and daughter that one’s real value is not measured by high qualities or titles. She urges her youngsters to lead their own courses without concern or judgment by others.

SKY Castle

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Im (Lee Tae Ran) has actually always raised her child Woo Joo (Kang Chan Hee) in an upright way, even when they are bordered by competitive mommies and also their kids. This is why he assumes maturely for his age as well as never ever resorts to bringing others down for the sake of prospering.

Soo Jin of “Mother”


Sometimes, our instructors or advisors can be our mamas. They lead and educate us in the class however additionally prepare us for real life. There are times when their look after us expands beyond the school. This is the case with temporary teacher Soo Jin (Lee Bo Young), who absorbs an abused child as her very own, recovering her of both emotional and physical injuries.


Jo Kang Ja from “Angry Mom”

Angry mom

Jo Kang (Kim Hee Sun) is a common mama who’s experiencing concerns with a defiant teenager who will not open up to her. She takes whatever into her own hands by disguising as a senior high school pupil to reveal injustices in the institution. She’s the kind of mom who would certainly go through lengths to secure not just her daughter however every other teen that’s afraid to speak out versus the misbehavior of grownups.


Kang Soon Deok of “It’s Okay to Not be Okay”

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

There’s nothing more reassuring than a mother’s cozy, home-cooked meal and also smart words. This symbolizes Kang Soon Deok (Kim Mi Kyung), the mother of Joo Ri (Park Gyu Young), who works as a cook in the psychiatric hospital. She welcomes both siblings Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) and also Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) into her house and also treats them like her actual children. She is commonly the one they most likely to for suggestions, as well as in the end, she makes them feel genuinely enjoyed as well as cared for in spite of all challenges they deal with.


Hong Hyun Sook from “True Beauty”

True beauty

True beauty

Jang Hye Jin is additionally one more well-known actress that’s played a lot of remarkable mamas in K-dramas. In “True Beauty,” she plays Lim Ju Gyeong’s (Moon Ga Young) challenging, a diligent mother who ends up being the breadwinner of the family members after her spouse obtains scammed. She often nags the family members and also is fairly hard to please, yet from her viewpoint, it’s reasonable due to the fact that all she wants is to keep her family with each other and offer them in spite of the difficulties of operating a beauty salon all by herself. At first, she is resistant to Ju Gyeong’s dream as well as has no idea concerning her daughter’s past as a target of bullying, once she understands, she prepares to combat her whatsoever expenses. She is among individuals that see Ju Gyeong’s “true beauty” even though she is difficult on her at the beginning. She additionally has a few of one of the most remarkable lines in the drama!