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Hit drama ‘Mr. Queen’ 2021 TVING releases exclusive commentary episode

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Over-the-top (OTT) streaming service TVING launched a special commentary episode for the hit drama today, March 5. The special episode features cast participants Shin Hye-sun (Kim So-yong), Kim Jung-hyun (Cheoljong), Bae Jong-ok (Sunwon), Seol In-ah (Jo Hwa-jin), Na In-woo (Kim Byeong-in), as well as Lee Jae-won (Officer Hong), among others. To honor the celebration, cast participants positioned for a picture together, showing off their relationship as well as sociability improved the sets of the drama.

Fans of tvN’s historical dramatization Mr. Queen are provided an unique treat!

Mr. Queen

Through the special episode, the cast members offered discourse on their personalities as well as vital scenes within the dramatization. Rate of interest is specifically high in hearing the popular “No-Touch Couple” also known as Shin Hye-sun as well as Kim Jung-hyun speak about their distinct chemistry in the dramatization. They additionally shined a light on the show’s wit by speaking about scenes that included modern-day slangs as well as terms like “anti-fans” and “special forces.”

Mr. Queen premiered in December last year with 8% viewership ranking, coming to be tvN’s third highest-rated premiere of perpetuity. In spite of controversies, the drama wrapped up in February on a high– with 17.37% nationwide viewership, taking place to end up being the seventh highest-rated cord drama of perpetuity. The program tells the tale of Queen So-yong of Joseon, whose soul obtains swapped with a playboy chef from modern Seoul.

The cast members selected their favorite lines and also scenes from the drama, while sharing memories of interacting– such as that the state of mind manufacturer on the set was, who created one of the most retakes, and who attempted spontaneous ad-libs in the middle of recording. Audiences of the program were additionally given insight into the chemistry between actors members, which is stated to be rather fun. The discourse episode will supposedly be made available on streaming system Viu tomorrow, March 6.