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New teaser for ‘The Witch’s Diner’

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Upcoming fantasy drama The Witch’s Diner Song Ji-hyo (Was It Love?) enchants with her food in the new teaser!


The Witch’s Diner revolves around a witch, her business partner, and a part-timer as they manage a magical restaurant, which serves food that can grant any wish. Starring alongside Song are Nam Ji-hyun (365: Repeat the Year) and Chae Jong-hyeop (Sisyphus: The Myth).

The released teaser opens up to the spooky entrance of the witch’s diner. Inside, the witch Hee-ra (Song), who is as mysterious as her restaurant, makes all kinds of unknown but mouthwatering dishes to tempt her customers to eat. She tells each of them, “If you eat the food I cook, your wishes will come true.”

Also in the clip are her business partner Jeong Jin (Nam), who made a deal with Hee-ra, and the diner’s part-timer Lee Gil-yong (Chae). At the end of the teaser, a bewildered Jeong Jin asks, “Who are you?” which Hee-ra coldly answers as she hands Jeon Jin a business card, “Me? I am a witch.”

The Witch’s Diner will open its gate for the viewers on July 16. Check out the pre-opening poster here.